Why Props Are a Great Choice


If you are considering having a ShutterBooth at your next event, you might wonder if having props is a good idea. Maybe your event is somewhat formal, or perhaps you think your friends and family just won’t get into the props.  If you’re unsure, here are a few reasons why props might be a good choice for your party.
Props Break the Ice.  For some people, being photographed is a little bit daunting. Having a silly hat, or a big feather boa allows them to step outside their personality and live it up a little! Who can resist taking photos with friends when you are all dressed crazy and laughing? All it takes is one person to get it going, and from that point, you have a real party started.

More Photos. The events that elect not to have props consistently have about half the number of photos than the events that include them.  As mentioned, if your event is formal and you just want nice photos of your guests then props may not be necessary.  If you’re thinking “the more photos, the better!” then do include props.

Props Personalize your Party. You want your event to be memorable and something that your guests won’t forget. It’s not a stretch to say that the photo of Grandma playing a plastic air guitar will go down in the memory books! Most guests go in the booth several times when props are available because they want to keep having fun.


If you’re unsure about props, give us a call!  We’re always happy to go over the different options that ShutterBooth has to personalize your event. 414.255.3800.