Let’s Talk About Making Wedding Memories


Have you ever been to a wedding that was just awesome? Think for a minute what was remarkable about it? Was it the great food? The great location? The awesome dance party? The fun and an interactive photo booth?  Maybe it was a bit of all of these things! The fact is, weddings are made for making memories and ShutterBooth makes sure our booths is an experience that your guests won’t forget. Years later, we want them talking about how they can’t forget how much fun your wedding was.
How We Help Make Memories

We start with helping you fully customize your ShutterBooth experience.  We’ll help you pick the right booth for your venue, and help you choose from the different photo options we have. Then, we customize logos and colors for your photo prints, so your guests will go home with a personalized photo of your wedding.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

The cherry on top is our Memory Book. This book is personalized just for you!  We pick the perfect pagecolor, layout, and all the fine details right down to the matching pens. Your on-site host will make sure that the photos are beautifully laid out on the pages and will have people write you messages of well wishes and love for your life together. People tell us often that their Memory Book is one of the best gifts they received for their wedding.

At ShutterBooth, we’re all about happy memories. Let us help you plan a wedding you won’t forget and that your guests will be talking about for years to come.