A Wedding Planner’s Opinion Why You Should Have a Photo Booth At Your Wedding

As a quick intro, my name is Andrea Barnes, and I work as a wedding planner for Murski Homestead B&B, a wedding venue and bed and breakfast in Brenham, Texas. I’m a big fan of photo booths, and I wanted to share on this site just why I like them so much.

Believe me, you’re not the only bride or groom who has asked this question when planning a wedding. When the budget is limited and the costs of making your event especially unforgettable are skyrocketing, having a photo booth seems like a frivolous idea. Besides, there’s a photographer (and maybe even a videographer) to take care of the wedding album. Would having a photo booth be too cheesy and a waste of money? Would it be truly worth it? Here are reasons how a photo booth plays a necessary role at your wedding.

You can have photo prints as wedding favors

Opt out of traditional favors that your guests will just throw away, and go for photo prints that your guests can share online, frame, and most importantly, save somewhere. You won’t throw away a picture that has your face in it, right? There’s so much you can do with the photos too! Order them as photo magnets to give away, or stick them into the guestbook and let the guests write notes.

Your guests will enjoy the photo opportunity

Some brides are worried about the guests not using the photo booth. Would they be too shy? Would they rather go dancing than wait for their turn to the booth? To give you an easy answer—they will love it! Ask the DJ to make an announcement to visit the booth (as long as it’s not during the first dance and the toast). Place some cute poems on the tables or on the way to the bar to tell guests about it. After the night is over, you’ll be surprised by the hilarious and wacky photos your families and friends have come up with. Who can resist a photo opportunity when everyone’s looking their best?

You give the guests a reason to socialize

Big or small weddings, there’s always a need to break the ice especially during cocktails or the gap between the ceremony and the reception. Photo booths are a great way for people to gather around, talk, interact, and laugh together! Friends call other friends for a group photo; kids and parents pose together for a picture. From choosing the perfect frame to swapping wigs, guests get a chance to joke around with friends and strangers!

Photo booths give life to the party

Beyond the usual open bars and musical bands, weddings can become so much more eventful because of photo booths. They make your party stand out from other parties that people have been to as you offer something new to the table. And the experience will always be a novelty to everyone no matter how many times they’ve been to a wedding with a booth.

They’re a different breed of photographers

Photographers may have the latest and greatest camera lens for shooting every scene at the wedding. But people behave differently when they know that no one is behind that photo booth taking their picture. They can be more playful and have better control of how they want to pose, which can make the atmosphere more fun and creative. Furthermore, renting a photo booth should be much cheaper than a photographer, and you can have as many prints as you want.