Unique Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding

If you ask any bride, or female in general, she will tell you how magical Pinterest is, especially when it comes to wedding planning. Many future brides will admit to scouring the virtual corkboard site looking for ideas that will make their dream wedding a reality. While Pinterest is valuable for general ideas, the little details are what will make your wedding special. So if you don’t want your guests to constantly say, “Oh I saw that on Pinterest,” be sure to add some personal touches to make your wedding unique. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Skip the Flowers

Not a big fan of flowers? Then don’t use them for the bouquet or boutonniere. Instead, use something that shows off the personal interests of the bride and groom. For example, a groom that likes to fish may prefer a fishing lure instead of a flower, or an outdoor wedding could incorporate seashells or feathers into a bouquet.

Make your own Beer or Wine

It may be time consuming, but how often do you sip on beer or wine at a wedding that was made by the bride and groom? If you want to take the personalization one step further, create labels that match your wedding invitations or wedding theme.

Name the Reception Tables

Instead of simply using numbers for the tables at your reception, use significant restaurants, places or dates from your relationship. Start by making ‘Table 1’ the location of your first date or the place you met, then work your way through the tables until you get to where you got engaged, and use your wedding site for the last table.

Photos, Photos, and More Photos

Photos are usually a staple at any wedding, but how they are displayed is what makes them unique. Skip a slideshow and use the photos as decoration. If you’re having an outdoor reception, take advantage of trees by nailing photos to their trunks or using string to dangle photos from branches.

Diversify Dessert

One of the special moments the bride and groom share during the wedding is cutting the cake, but if you want to make the moment more personal then cut into something that has sentimental value. Did you go to a coffee shop for your first date? Then cut into a scone from there. Have a favorite dessert that you like to share? Use it instead of cake. Doing this also allows you to have a dessert table for guests to choose from instead of only offering cake.

About the Author: Lexie is a guest blogger from The Perfect Card Box, providers of locking wedding card boxes that put your engagement photos on display.