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Open Air setup by ShutterBooth

Ghost Busters

ShutterBooth Jacksonville had the pleasure in being a part of an enormous 80’s theme “post conference party” for Gulfstream at the Savannah International Trade and Conference Center.

Gulfstream started in the late 1950’s when Grumman Aircraft Engineering Co., a company known for military aircraft production, developed a marketable business aircraft in NY. This newly developed aircraft was the first of its kind specifically designed for business travel. It became a huge success, eventually separating the company into its own civilian division now base in Savannah, Ga. Gulfstream now offers 5 different products in their business line.

Their yearly Gulfstream conference was taking place in Savannah and at the end of the week they were able to let loose.  Inviting hundreds of staff and owners to the 90,000 square foot Conference Center to eat, listen to live music and enjoy themselves. Tony Brewer did a fantastic job bringing so many different vendors together to make this possible.  I will say, when I walked into the building I was blown away with the transformation. A few pieces that really stood out to me was the Pac Man bars, DeLorean with Doc Brown, every arcade game from the 80’s and of course seeing how much everyone loved the photo booth.

ShutterBooth Jacksonville provided our OPEN Air booth with a custom black and white checkered backdrop, custom designed logo, animated GIF feature, 80’s themed props and digital sharing at the event.  We worked with the head design team from Tony Brewer based out of Atlanta, Ga closely to perfect our set up and make sure we met their clients needs.  I will say, WE NAILED IT.  This was a personal favorite for me and thank you for including ShutterBooth on such a special night.

ShutterBooth Shot – Their 80’s props are on point

Back to the Future DeLorean and Doc Brown

Gulfstream 80’s Party




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