ShutterBooth photo booths – a fit for all!

We now find ourselves in the midst of a wonderfully busy wedding season, so we thought we’d share some pictures of ShutterBooth Pittsburgh at some of our recent events!  As the preferred photo booth partner and sponsor by,,, and many other accredited wedding and event networks and venues, it’s such a comfort to our clients, potential clients, and ourselves to be able to confidently say that we are a fit for any event despite the décor or location – sports facility complexes, hotels, banquet halls, private homes, museums, stadiums, parks, restaurants, country clubs, auditoriums, ships…you name it, we’ve done it!  Because of the ease of mobility with our booth and the visually appealing patented style and size, the ShutterBooth will be a rockin’ anywhere!  We keep quality and customer experience as our top priorities and with over hundreds of events a year, we continue to do so!  Take a look!

ShutterBooth…Reliable. Experienced. Insured. FUN! 
Pennsylvania’s #1 Photo Booth!