Swingin’ At the Venetian Club

There were so many swingers at the Venetian Club in Chestnut Hill this weekend that I just couldn’t look away for a minute. While I don’t know if your mind is completely in the gutter on this beautiful Friday morning, I guess I should just clarify to be clear: Swingers- as in dancers. As in: swing dancers.

Our bride and groom chose to do a cute vintage swing routine together instead of the traditional slow song for their first dance. Changing speeds a bit, they turned up the volume and spent the rest of night dancing with their guests to an eclectic mix of swing, hip hop, jazz, and rock. After the host of the evening- Essentic aka Jaeki Cho– got the crowd pumped up,  DJ Jinetic kept them on their feet, dancing late into the night.  Like him on Facebook or listen to one of his hip hop mixes here.

Photo: A mix that consists of mostly old school hip hop that I did in 2010 for a DJ mix competition, in which it received an Honorable Mention.</p><br />
<p>Listen/download at<br /><br />

For those of you who haven’t tried swing dancing yet, we recommend heading down to the Philadelphia Swing Dance Society -also in Chestnut Hill- to take a turn at the Charleston or jump and jive with the Jitterbug. (Be sure to check out their next event on September 27th, 2014 with FREE pre-dance lessons!)

Doesn’t she look like she’s having a blast?????? Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Lee. Check out more photos from their event here.

Originally uploaded by Lolololori on Flickr