Life’s a Peach


From the sweet peach place settings, the peach trees strewn throughout the venue, the adorable wands wrapped with cascading ribbons and bells, and the “Mint to Be” favors, we couldn’t get enough of Nichole & Dale’s aesthetic for their big day! So many details went in to making everything just right, and the entire venue was transformed into a space which really represented the couple.

photo 5

Let it be said that while this wedding looked like a webpage straight out of Style Me Pretty: This was a FUN wedding. These people didn’t come here to show off their shiny new outfits, to enjoy a fancy dinner, or to sit and look pretty at their respective tables all night. These people came to party – turning speeches into rap songs like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme and taking one million shots in our ShutterBooth. (Ok. That may be an exaggeration, but they took a LOT of photos. Way more than our average Shutterbooth client. Way more.)

Despite the thoughtful decor, the filet dinner, and the over the top centerpieces, all that mattered to these guests was having fun with the new couple. In our little corner of the reception, never before have so many people crowded to take so many fun and unusual shots in our booth. Thanks for a fun night, Nichole & Dale!

photo 1


photo 4












photo 3













Sometimes the photos just speak for themselves:

From a cute couple enjoying some camera time…..

To a man enjoying a roll and a beverage until photo bombers crash his party….

To a reenactment of the Heimlich maneuver…..



This is art, guys.  To see more awesome shots from this super FUN crowd, check out the ShutterBooth photo gallery.