Flash Mobs: Part 2

There was a very recent debate on our blog about flash mobs and whether they are still cool or a trend that has fizzled out. Inspired by a flash mob done at one of our recent ShutterBooth weddings, we decided to investigate a little further into the issue. After a quick Google search, I have arrived at my definitive answer…….and the verdict is:

Still. Totally. Cool.

I came across what I can only describe as one of the best proposals I have ever seen, and it just so happens to utilize a flash mob!

This is quite literally the best 4 minutes and 37 seconds I have spent on the internet in my life. Would you agree?

In local news, not only did ShutterBooth experience a flash mob over the weekend, the citizens of Bucks County enjoyed a flash mob proposal that broke out on the streets of Doylestown, PA. Check out the Shanna & Helen’s video here!

What type of a person doesn’t love the free spirited, fun, and life-loving energy that is the foundation of all flash mobs? When is the last time you and your friends were sitting around your living room and one of you thought, “Gee, what can we all do as a collective unit to bring a smile to a stranger’s face, to brighten up our corner of the world, to create a little sunshine thorough dance, music, and the art of expression?” Exactly – never.  (At least not in my circle of friends…….not too sure about you guys.)

And let me tell you exactly why that is- it’s because my friends are not thoughtful, considerate human beings. I mean they’re nice enough people, but they’re not sitting around rehearsing premeditated methods to inject joy into the world. When I say thoughful, I mean really thoughtful. To execute a flash mob-especially a well done one- participants would need to spend an incredible amount of time choreographing the timing, movement, and logistics of this public exhibition all while keeping it very quiet in the days and weeks leading up to the big reveal.

If the people in your life do a flash mob to propose marriage, while at your wedding, for your birthday, or wherever else they may break into explosive song and dance, remember this: You’re friends are totally rad.