ShutterEssentials: Save the Date

This edition of ShutterEssentials is aimed at all you soon-to-be married couples out there. Yeah that’s right, we’re talking to you lovebirds. If we know our audience, which we’d like to think we do, then we know that our guests like to do things a little differently. We know that they tend to think outside of the box when planning their wedding. Here at Shutterbooth, we encourage that creative thinking. We live for the unique ideas that our guests bring to the table. Your imaginative minds inspire us to continually invent innovative ideas that will assist in creating your one-of-a-kind affair.

So to all our future newly-weds, let us introduce to you our Save the Date option, a fun and stylish way to invite your friends and family to your special day.

Our Save the Date option allows guests to get the most out of their Shutterbooth experience. Guests are able to preview all the fun our Shutterbooth has to offer while taking away custom invitations that will be sure to charm you invitees.

So how does it work? The Save the Date package includes a 2 hour photo shoot at our Philadelphia offices. We invite you to come on in, make yourself at home, and take as many shots as your love-struck hearts desire. With our graphic designer, design team, and professional staff on site, we are dedicated to ensure that your custom photo strips are perfect to every last drop of ink that’s printed on the page.

After your shoot is done, we will take your four favorite photos, create a custom Save the Date logo that is specific to your event, and print up a beautiful set of unique invitations that will be sent out to all of your loved ones.

The Save the Date feature is an outstanding way to build momentum for both your event, and the Shutterbooth that will be in attendance.


For more information on our Save the Date option, along with other terrific options for your special event, click here.