ShutterBooth Milwaukee; the Best Bet for your Wedding or Event


You may have heard this when you are flying: “We know you have other choices for travel, and we appreciate you choosing us”. The same holds true with Photo Booth Services. We know you have other choices here in Milwaukee, so we go the extra mile to be sure that our offerings are the best available. Whether you choose a traditional booth, and open booth or a pod, ShutterBooth make sure that you are thrilled with our customer service, your booth at the event, and the photos you and your guests take home!

Here are just a few ways we make sure your ShutterBooth experience amazing:

Great lighting. Great lighting makes for great photos. All our booths are equipped with dynamic lighting so that your photos are crisp and clear.

Great photo quality. We use professional camera equipment and printing so that every strip or print looks fantastic. We even provide professional graphics and logos that complement your color palette at no additional charge to totally personalize your photos.

Staffed booth. We don’t just show up, set up a booth and leave you to it. Our booths are staffed with a trained host who can be there to assist your guests, make sure the line is moving nicely and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise. Our hosts keep track of the props, help people choose their photos and make sure that your memory book is completed.

Don’t trust the success of your event on a company that doesn’t have a proven track record of excellence in Photo Booth Services. ShutterBooth is here to help you celebrate in style, and we know you’ll be glad you chose us!