ShutterBooths Photos Are the Life of the Party


One of the best things about a ShutterBooth is that it provides the instant gratification of capturing the fun, but with a long-lasting photo to remember the fun in years to come. Let’s face it, Selfies get posted on Facebook and get forgotten about. With a printed photo, you can put it on your wall, on your mirror or your refrigerator and admire those smiling faces for years to come.

Better Quality Photos
We use high-quality inks and printers to make sure your prints are sharp and clear and look great. But don’t worry, we still give you all the high-resolution digital files too!

Good Lighting
Any photographer will tell you that it’s the lighting that makes the difference between a good photo and a bad one. In a dark venue, it can be difficult to get good photos without professional equipment. Our ShutterBooths have all the right lighting and backgrounds to make the pictures look great.

Plenty of Props
We provide all props, so you don’t have to worry! Hats, silly glasses, mustaches-on-a-stick, we’ve got it all to get the people in the booth and hamming it up.

Have a Party in the Booth
Just the sight of the ShutterBooth makes people excited to get in there and take some fun photos for you! And unlike a selfie, you can get a lot of people in a ShutterBooth!  We even have a Fish-eye booth if you want to extend the fun (and the view!)


Want more information on how a ShutterBooth can bring the fun to your Milwaukee event? Contact us at (414) 255-3800.