ShutterBooth and Social Share Means Everyone Gets in on the Fun


These days most everyone you know and love is on social media. It allows friends and family who live far away to keep up on what’s new in your life, and it’s a great way to share photos of the important events in your life. If you’re planning a wedding or event in Milwaukee, you’re going to love hearing about our ShutterBooth Social Share!

When you plan a wedding, there’s going to be people who just can’t attend. Wouldn’t it be great to know your aunt who lives across the country was able to enjoy photos from your day? Thanks to Social Share, you can make sure they get to see the best photos from your day quickly. No waiting for the professional photos to be done, you can text photos live from the event, or upload them to Facebook!

And if you want to send prints to people as a keepsake, our on-site host will make sure the printer is stocked, locked and loaded with as many copies as you want. Have a few extra printed and slip them in your thank-you notes! Share your high-resolution digital files with people so they can make their own prints! Isn’t it great how you can share the fun with people who you love?

You can choose from a variety of booths including a traditional closed booth, an open-air Pod, and even greenscreen options. All the ShutterBooths come with Social Share as well as a keepsake memory book that your guests will sign. Not sure which one is right for your wedding? Contact us, we’ve worked at every major Milwaukee venue and we can help.

Isn’t it great to know that even people who just can’t be there in person can help you celebrate through social media? For more information on our different booth options and ShutterShare, contact us at (414) 255-3800.