Photo Booth Milwaukee 2016 – 2017 Trends

2016 – 2017 Wedding Trends

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One day you wake up; you eat your ordinary oatmeal, take your ordinary shower, and get to the ordinary office on time for work- and then what you think will be simply an ordinary Friday night walking through the park, turns into “Oh! He’s down on one knee- tears not from cutting an onion for ordinary Monday dinner or feeling upset from a silly fight, but from ‘yes with all my heart for the rest of my life unordinary tears.’”

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The next few days, weeks, even years after your engagement are anything but ordinary. They require budget skills, planning skills, creative skills, and a lot of patience. We understand that compromise is also thrown in the mix of those things, and it’s not always easy. You have a fiancé, family, and friends to take into consideration.

Where you are now, and who you are now, will not be who you are a year or two from now. And that’s a good thing! You are constantly changing; becoming inspired by the things you are emerged with every day. The internet, (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs, etc.), those around you, music you listen to, places you visit, even the foods you eat. So how in the world do you begin to plan a wedding if you’re not certain you’ll still want what you’re planning now, a year or two out for your wedding date?!

Don’t worry your pretty head, darling. We put together a list of trends that we know you’ll love, and we do not see going out of style anytime soon.


The 2016 and 2017 wedding forecast is full of pastels, specifically focusing on turquoises, and pale pinks. The two mixed together create a whimsical dreamy ambiance whilst incorporating pops of gold sparkle, or sequins in general to tie it all together. We predict bridesmaid’s dresses to be mismatched, texturized, but flattering for who is dressed. In addition to that, we see the brides of 2016 and 2017 to incorporate long stemmed flowers that include succulents, and lace. Twinkly patio lights that glow under the moon or within your venue will always add a romantic flare.

Take a peek at a few of the colors we see growing and growing in the wedding world!