Unique Milwaukee photobooth rentals by ShutterBooth

unique milwaukee photo booth

It’s finally warming up in Wisconsin! This makes the ShutterBooth team so excited for not only the summer weather, but also for the upcoming wedding season! With so many different vendors, options, and prices, we wanted to focus on personalization. How do you wish to set your event apart from others’? More specifically, what can you do with the photobooth company you select to ensure you’re getting a sincerely unique photobooth experience? ShutterBooth photobooth Milwaukee has answers.


ShutterBooth photobooth is consistently reassuring our brides + grooms that each event should reflect the both of you uniquely as a couple! You deserve optimum variety, endless choices, and the option to choose.


How does ShutterBooth Milwaukee create a custom photobooth experience for its clients? To start out, ShutterBooth has a variety of different backdrops. We don’t mean just color, but also texture. (i.e.: lacey white flowers and vines draped over a solid color,) an open photobooth that gives a unique feel close to Hollywood red carpet, (speaking of red carpet, you want that? We can provide it!) Or- the unique photobooth called closed; that traditional heavy black curtain that you can really think… “What happens in the ShutterBooth, stays in the ShutterBooth!) 😉 Plus, now- introducing our new Shutter POD that has a sleek, modern design, a huge touchscreen, and can also print fabulous 4×6 grids!


So with that last statement being mentioned, let’s talk about print methods. ShutterBooth photobooth is a unique Milwaukee photobooth experience simply based on this alone. We offer the option to receive 4 photos in that traditional strip you may be familiar with, OR, a 4×6 grid style, which still has 4 photos, but it’s 2 photos on top, and 2 photos on the bottom, still with a unique custom logo attached on the side with your names, colors, date- you name it. Want just a single photo for your event? Still including a logo with your event on it? Done. ShutterBooth offers a single photo print as well instead of 4.


In addition to all of this, if you wish to have any of those photo print methods above without a logo, we can certainly remove the logo all together so all you and your guests receive are the photos. (**Though the logo is recommended because it personalizes your day, and it’s also a keepsake from your event, we can make it happen if no logo makes you both feel unique.**)


What is all this logo talk about? How the heck does a logo make for a unique photobooth experience? ShutterBooth has over 190 different strip logo templates to choose from; all able to be altered in color, font, wording, etc. We have over 40 4×6 grid logo templates that also serve the same alterations as the strips! Have your own design that is consistent throughout your wedding, that you wish to use with your custom photobooth instead of our templates? Send us over the file. We will work with it to fit our dimensions and needs for a flawless print. Or- let us know what you have in mind and we will create a unique logo from scratch- with no additional charge.


You have all the control- take it with excitement and we will help make it happen~!


Congratulations on your upcoming event. ShutterBooth understands that it’s a stressful time, but also an incredible time. We want our clients to understand that YOU come first. You are all unique, but all deserve the options to choose! Celebrate with ShutterBooth photobooth Milwauke at your next unique event. 


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