Mosaic Wall

ShutterBooth has done it again! We are paving the way for unique experiences at every event. INTRODUCING the Mosaic Wall! An exciting and interactive platform to market your company!

ShutterBooth partnered with Hanger last week on an incredible project at Hanger’s Education Fair. By capturing each member of the Hanger team, we were able to create an impressive 108″ x 72″ mosaic wall consisting of photos of the people who make the inspiring organization all that it is.

We were thrilled to bring to life the idea that each individual journey can come together to create a beautiful big picture and convention goers enjoyed finding their photo among their peers’.

Clients also have the option to provide photos for their guests to keep as a souvenir. Professional quality photos are printed immediately on site and digital copies are provided directly to guests via email or text message. Branding hashtags are easily applied to each photo and can create quite a social media impression when uploaded by guests! Download and share links are also included with each image for each guests to be able to post right away.

If you are interested in having ShutterBooth be a part of your next special event, please contact us at 702.823.3659 or send us an email at:

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