Megan and John


Megan and John had an outstanding turnout for their celebration of love.  The Lafayette Grande held both, their wedding ceremony and reception.  This historic building (which has had generations of weddings) was the perfect venue for a couple to share their vows with each other.

During the ceremony, Megan and John “tied the knot” (literally).  Since the groom played hockey, it only made sense to have the entire team stood up in the wedding (one for all, and all for one – right?).  For the grand entrance into the reception, these men were introduced by their jersey numbers.  The guests were having a great time with it!

Mike Staff Productions was there to get the crowd on the dance floor, and many never left it!  There happened to be a lot of line dancing, and rumor had it that “Achy Breaky Heart” made an appearance.  It was obvious that Megan and John have some very close friends, who were there to support them on this very special day – and help ShutterBooth catch some fantastic moments!