ShutterBooth Loves Color…and The Muppets!

Look at this amazing Muppets themed wedding from Off Beat Bride:

Muppets Wedding

We love the completely custom EVERYTHING about this wedding!

If you have some fun ideas and want to turn your wedding into a customized expression of your true self then ShutterBooth is made for you.

We offer a host of customizable options including artist designed logos, outer skinz to decorate the booth, choice of print size and color, custom props, custom back drops, custom booth format (traditional closed booth or Open format with your choice of back drop), designed on-site memory books & scrap books, video recordings and a million other things too.

You tell us what you want and how you want to express yourself, and we’ll make it happen for you with a ShutterBooth!

Holiday ShutterBooth2 OpenGoldGlitter_2 (2) Bob5 Bacardi outside boothBombay golden glamour Rustic_3 video booth