Is This Really What You Want?

Is This Really What You Want on Your Wedding Day?

Is This Really What You Want on Your Wedding Day?

You see them everyday; LivingSocial, Groupon, Daily Deals of all kinds. They’re usually offering a smokin’ deal, meaning half price, on one product or another. If you don’t already know how Groupon and LivingSocial operate, let us share a little secret with you. Merchants who advertise on Daily Deal sites offer a 50% off deal to entice customers to buy from them. They then have to pay 50% or more of their income from the sale of their Daily Deal to Groupon/Living Social etc. This means that the merchant actually only makes 25% of their regular price.

When you’re painstakingly planning your once in a lifetime day do you really want to hire a vendor who is willing to sell their products or services for 75% off?

This kind of discount is something we are used to seeing at Target after the holidays on leftover Christmas candy and ornaments, but it’s not a sustainable business practice. Vendors offering such low prices are either new to the market and trying get the word out or they’re simply trying to make a quick buck by selling these offers. They may not be able fulfill their commitments to their new customers. They may not be available on your wedding date even after you have bought their deal. They may not have enough booths and oversell (like some airlines), meaning that on your wedding day they won’t show up because they’ve bumped you to standby. And most importantly, because of the low prices they are charging, they may not be in business anymore by the time your wedding day arrives.

ShutterBooth wants you to have the most wonderful, fun-filled, happy and memorable wedding day possible. Please carefully consider all of your many options before choosing your wedding vendors.

Seek out those vendors who have excellent ratings on ALL of the many wedding websites like, and and other rating sites like Google Places. Take time to read reviews posted by former customers, and think before you buy.