ShutterBooth, Your Way!

You are not a “one size fits all” kind of person planning a “one size fits all” kind of event so why would you want a “one size fits all” kind of ShutterBooth experience?

We’ve listened to our clients and are now offering our most popular ShutterEssentials as a la carte options. Just tell us how long you want your ShutterBooth operating, customize your experience by adding your favorite ShutterEssentials and we’ll design the perfect package specifically for YOUR event! Check out some ShutterEssentials below!

A scrapbook is the perfect way to remember your event. Filled with your ShutterBooth photos and messages from your guests, you will take this popular ShutterEssential home with you at the end of your event.  Our Classic Scrapbook is a available in all black, all white, or alternating black and white pages. Our Premier Scrapbook features digitally designed pages that you choose after looking through the huge selection of custom templates we have available. You are sure to find exactly the right design for your special occasion!


Leave your mark on every photo strip that the Booth prints out. Our graphic designer works with you to create a custom logo that defines the personal style of your affair. Come to us with your own design in tow or let us help you find your unique inspiration.


We love our screens. Whether it’s the TV, movie, phone or computer screen, if there’s something on it, we’re watching. By having an External Display Monitor placed on the outside of the Booth, the rest of the party can see the awesome photos that have been taken. It builds even more excitement for those waiting to get in the Booth and shows everyone else the kind of fun they could be having.


Once your party starts, the Booth will see a lot of action. And with 4 pictures being taken every time, that leaves a lot of room for creativity. Our Props bring out more fun, style and hilarious chance moments that would otherwise be missed. We have everything from absurd hats, mustaches, pirate swords, feather boas and glasses that Elton John would envy. You can even choose specific props to stick with your party’s theme. So if a beach party or superhero theme is what you’re after, we’ll prop you up with coconut bras and capes.


Get a head start on making memories for your wedding or event by sending your guests personalized Save The Dates. Come into our office, spend a little time in our Booth and take some pictures. Our graphic designer will turn them into a photo strip magnet, a photo strip announcement or a photo postcard. Your save the date can even have your own customized logo on it, too. With a save the date like this, friends and family will be sure to circle the day in their calendars. And they may never take the photo strip magnet off the fridge because it’s just that good looking.


Sending Thank You’s after an event is not just a way for you to share your gratitude with your guests, it’s a great way to remind them of the incredible time they had. Our graphic designers work with you to create a postcard or greeting card with your event’s look and logo as well as some select photos of you. It’s the perfect and most memorable way to say, “Thanks for the memories.”


Send your guests home with a unique and practical Party Favor! We offer 3 different types of party favors designed to both protect your guest’s photos and give them a way to display their favorite photos from your event- bookmark sleeves with ribbon in your choice of color, acrylic photo frames and magnetic photo frames. Set them out at each place setting to encourage your guests to use your ShutterBooth or keep a stack near the Booth for guests to grab as they’d like. Maybe do a combination of both!


Welcome your guests with a fantastic touch of personality. You invited them to the event months ago, here is a chance to refresh that invitation for friends and family to sit back, relax and have a great time. Not only will your guests love your unique Place Setting, but they’ll have a frame for their ShutterBooth photo, taking care of the party favor. Two birds, one stone!


Nothing encourages excitement like exclusivity. Give your Booth, and those who step in it, the Hollywood royalty treatment by laying down a Red Carpet and setting up Velvet Ropes. Of course, anyone can get in—they just have to flash a smile.


Completely customize the look of your ShutterBooth with ShutterSkinz! Our professional graphic designers will work with you step by step to create a design that is a perfect fit for your special occasion. ShutterSkinz are ideal for corporate events as they are a great way to showcase your company or brand logo.


Have online access to your photos in high resolution for a year with an Online Sharing Gallery. You can upload, download, share and order photos within your gallery. Send the link to your guests so they can check out the images, as well!


Get a hard copy of your images in high resolution so you can share, print or save them . No need to rush to the printer, you’ll have this DVD of images forever!


Don’t want to wait for your DVD in the mail? Upgrade to a Flash Drive and receive all of your images at the end of your event.


Record messages or testimonials from your guests with ShutterVideo. What would your guests say?


Waiting is hard. We get it! With ShutterShare, your guests can instantly upload their ShutterBooth photos to Facebook or send to their email. No need to wait for the online gallery or DVD with this one!


Open by ShutterBooth is a unique step and repeat service unlike anything you and your guests have experienced before, and something no one will ever forget. With Open, your guests can walk the red carpet to strike a pose in front of a customized backdrop of your choosing to take glamorous, high-quality digital photos like a true A-list celebrity.


Want more? Just ask! We are always looking for ways to improve client satisfaction and build our business so we’d be happy to hear suggestions from our loyal ShutterFans!

Contact us with any questions or to reserve your ShutterBooth!