Have you asked your guests to Save The Date yet??

We are now accepting studio appointments for Save the Date Photos! 

We have custom designed packages to fit your needs


How does it work ?

Simple. Come into our studio & take lots of fun photos.  Choose your favorite 4 photos.  We customize the strip layout and design.  You approve, we print them.  We can place them on magnets, cards, specialty paper, just about anything you want!  We arrange to mail them or you can pick them up from our office.

Save the Dates are important and here are a few reasons why:

1. Save the Dates help you plan your guest list far in advance.

Since save the dates tell guests they can expect an invitation to the wedding, save the dates gets you in planning mode even earlier in the game. Save the dates are typically sent 6-9 months before your wedding, which means you’ll already have a great guest list all set, finalized, and ready to go that far in advance. You’ll have concrete numbers for tables, reception, bar, favors, bridal shower guests, and other elements far in advance, which means less stress for you in the long run, which is always a good thing!

2. Save the Dates share more than just the date.

Sure, these cards tell guests when the wedding date is, but save the dates do so much more… they get guests pumped up for the big day! You’d be surprised how exciting it is to receive a save the date when you’re a guest. I still have save the date magnets from friends and family members hanging on my fridge! Even more, save the dates can direct your guests to your wedding website so they can read all about your love story, start planning their trip to see you, browse your registry, and more.

3. Advanced notice means more guests can attend.

Obvious, yes, but still worth the mention. Save the dates give traveling guests advance time to book accommodations, beg their boss for time off, shop for an adorable new dress… you know the drill. Guests who are local can take the day off of work, arrange for a sitter, and make other accommodations to ensure the date is set in stone on the calendar. This is especially important if you’re planning a summer wedding, since so many people take vacations during this time or attend plenty of weddings. A save the date can ensure guests have your date circled on the calendar!

Our Save The Date photo sessions are completely FREE with purchase of Save The Dates.  Actual Save The Date prices vary based on the type of Save The Date you are interested in (magnet, card stock, photo paper, etc).

To book your Save the Date studio session, or learn more about our Save The Dates, contact us now at 262.945.0100 or email michelle@shutterboothct.com for more info!