Fun Fact Friday- Scrapbooks

Fun Fact Friday is back from a short holiday break!

Did you know we have two different styles of scrapbooks? It’s true! We have a Classic Scrapbook, and a Premium Scrapbook. For both styles, your  Host will see that all of the photo strips taken at your event make it into the book with plenty of room for guest’s personal messages and well wishes. After the ShutterBooth closes for the night, your Host will bring the scrapbook over to you, or leave it at your gift table, for you to be able to bring home that night!

Our Classic Scrapbook is a simple way to preserve the essence of your event. The Classic Scrapbook is typically white pages with watermark images for  type of event you’re having (wedding, birthday, mitzvah, etc.). If you do not want watermarks on your pages, that’s fine too! Just let us know and we can send all black or all white pages instead.

Our Premium Scrapbook is full color pages to match your event’s color scheme. The huge selection of custom templates we have available will ensure that you find exactly the right design for your special occasion. Our Premium Scrapbook options can be found online at

Classic Wedding Scrapbook: