Choices, choices, choices!

Here at Monterey Bay ShutterBooth we recognize how important it is to make your event special and we do our best to make each event custom to fit your vision. We have a plethora of options for you to choose from!

We can literally customize everything from print color and format, to your background and social media! The sky is the limit! Read on to learn more about the many ways in which you can customize your own ShutterBooth experience.

Booth Style

We recognize that sometimes you want to have a classic photobooth, and sometimes you want a more open experience! For that we offer a couple of different options:

Classic ShutterBooth

ShutterPodClassic ShutterBooth- Roomy enough for a big family, Elegant Black Background, accessible, and timeless!

Open Booth-  A modern take on the photobooth, offering a “step and repeat” experience with a ShutterBooth Station or a ShutterPod

Background Options

Our classic ShutterBooth offers a velvety black curtain specially designed to photograph well under our studio flash. This allows for super-sharp pictures of your guests! For Open by ShutterBooth events we offer a variety of high-quality backdrops or we can help you to create a custom backdrop, with your event logo. Additionally, we can do green screen for Open events!

Format Options

Our booths have the unique ability to print different formats at the same time! We are proud to offer this option so that you can choose if your guests get a 4×6 or if you want to have a strip print.

Print Types

We offer 4 images per print, but can also do a single portrait mode, if you so desire.

Customizing your Prints

We offer a variety of logo options to customize your prints. We include a classic logo design with all of our events, but you can upgrade to a Custom Logo to add an even more personalized touch!

pic collage

Our Custom Templates allow you to customize the entire print, taking it beyond just the logo to add flourishes to the frame of the picture.

Custom Templates x4



Contact us directly to hear about pricing and availability for your next event! We charge on how long you want us there, not on how many times you use the booth!

ShutterBooth of Monterey Bay