KWQC Women’s Health and Lifestyle Fair

This past weekend March 2nd and 3rd we joined KWQC at the Women’s Health and Lifestyle Fair. We had such a good time and we brought a little extra to the expo that they have never had before. We had a line all day, we had so many props and everyone had a good time with them. They had so many fun things at the expo from food sampling, beauty products, fitness, health and much more. They had a special guest speaker, Dolvett Quince, from NBC’s the Biggest Loser. We didn’t get a chance to get Dolvett in the booth but we did get some of the local newscasters in there!  They had stage shows of fitness programs from gyms around the quad cities and demonstrations from HyVee on healthy foods and recipes. It was an excellent show and hope to be a part of it again next year!