The Trust Mosaic – An NFL-Sized Collaboration

The Trust is an amazing company designed to help NFL players transition into their new lives after their NFL careers.  Launched in November of 2013, The Trust’s main goals have been focused on ensuring players have access to resources and guidance to make their post-NFL transitions as smooth and successful.  With that being said, The Trust has a huge presence in many aspects of the NFL nation-wide, including the Super Bowl.

When The Trust wanted to do something larger than life to really make a splash at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, GA, they turned to ShutterBooth.  Having worked with Shutterbooth in the past, they knew we were the company they could trust to execute their ideas flawlessly.

They were very interested in doing a mosaic for a pre-Super Bowl celebration they were holding for ex-NFL players.  They were looking for something that would make a visual impact throughout the night and that would use the images captured to build their logo.  Together, the creative teams from both The Trust and ShutterBooth brought the visions of  creating a Digital Mosaic wall into fruition.

Utilizing two giant 80 inch television screens securely mounted to the wall, as well as ShutterBooth cutting-edge technology, we were able to create the backdrop for the Digital Mosaic.  The actual picture size was able to be customized for optimal visual awareness, much to our clients satisfaction.  Guests were given the option of posing in front of two identical Kiosk stations.  Once the photo session was completed, the pictures digitally appeared on the Mosaic and the guests also received a physical print to take home with them.

Once completed, the Digital Mosaic was truly a one of a kind piece or artwork!