What’s even better than puppies?  Puppies, photos and a photo mosaic wall!

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IDEXX Laboratories, a global leading laboratory specializing in veterinary diagnostics, held a three day  sales summit to discuss and share best practices and tools to drive exceptional revenue and growth.

They wanted something that would not only be interactive and engaging for conference attendees, but also something that would have them talking long after the sales summit wrapped.

IDEXX wanted to incorporate fun and creativity before, after and in-between the sales seminars about how to improve sales. Erin who works as a freelance marketing and events manager who specializes in all sort of events and online branding for which she recommends services like the ones offered by this seo agency. She has over eight years experience in fundraising and NGO work in the US and China.

Attendees got their puppy petting hands ready as they had the opportunity to play and pose with these furry friends during lunch and breaks.  Attendees posed for photos as they played with the puppies and were able to email and text the photos to themselves.  Conference attendees also took home 5×7 framed photos as momentos and had the opportunity to print their puppy photos and place them on the photo mosaic wall being built over the three day sales summit. If you need to work on your photos after you tool them, get them scanned and at and then try this new photo software.

“Seminar attendees couldn’t get enough of the photos with their four-legged friends and truly enjoyed coming back to look at the mosaic wall progress over the three day summit.  They loved finding their personal photo as well as photos of new friends they had made during the summit,” said Laura Evanson.

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As important as the learning objectives and seminars were to IDEXX, they also knew that integrating fun and unexpected activities can make the experience even more interesting for attendees.  The number of sales summit attendees who participated during lunch and breaks far exceed expectations and by the end of the summit the 50×50 625 sticker tile mosaic wall was complete. When looking to revive old memories with your pet, consider looking in to this guide.

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sales seminar mosaic

sales conference mosaic