Chomps 360 Booth

Chomps away! But not in the bad way. Chomps, maker of premium beef jerky sticks (made with grass fed beef & venison) was looking to make a strategic marketing move to increase brand awareness and set their sites on Wodapalooza Miami. What better place to showcase an amazing protein packed healthy snack than an enormous multi-day CrossFit festival??

At the Chomps booth, free samples were being offered of 4 of their 6 flavors to anyone who ventured by.  The goal being to let everyone know they can snack healthy AND delicious.  If festival goers couldn’t be enticed with free beef jerky (I know, sounds crazy, right?), ShutterBooth was there with our 360 Booth (who could resist the one-two punch of free jerky AND a 360 booth experience?).

After stepping onto the 360 booth platform, guests were encouraged to share via their favorite social media sites, using the hashtags #CHOMPS and #CHOMPians.  At the conclusion of the 4 day festival, a winner was picked from those who shared to InstaGram and presented with a OneWheel.   How awesome is that!