Dressing Up Holiday Leftovers

Dressing Up Leftovers

Dressing Up Holiday Leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers can be messy. Trying not to let the leftovers go to waste can present a real problem. With Turkey Day over and Hannukah, Kwanza, Yule, and Christmas racking up the days in December, one thing every household may need is a means to Enjoy Your Holiday Leftovers. Here are some tasty ways to Use Up Holiday Favorites.

1. Pickle Em’

Nothing’s quite so healthy as eating your greens, but how can you transform some of those leftover veggies into something tasty? Pickle them! Tickle your taste buds with some pickled veggies.

2. Boil Em’, Mash Em’, Stick Em’ In A Stew

Clueless about what to do with leftover meat, poultry, or veggies? Whip yourself up a nice warm soup or stew. It’s a great way to chase away winter’s chill and enjoy something hearty and delicious.

3. Make A Casserole

There’s no more creative way to combine flavors than to make a tasteful casserole. Stumped on how to lessen the clutter in your refrigerator? Prepare some festive, yuletide-themed dishes that will keep people in the holiday spirit long after the season’s over.

Holiday Leftovers

Pinwheel Sandwiches can make your leftovers look scrumptious! Look at all those colors!

4. Festive Pinwheels and Sandwiches

Leftovers can make for great lunches for work or school. Wrap up your turkey with some veggies and cranberries for some continued holiday fun. Take your ham and add some fresh flavor of fruit and vegetables.

5. Prepare a Salad or Dessert

Put that turkey and ham to use in preparation for a crisp salad. A number of the season’s entrees can be thrown together for a fresh salad. Leftover cranberries, meats, and vegetables can also make for great sweet and savory pies!

Still stumped and need inspiration? Try more of these Genius Ways To Use Your Holiday Leftovers!