Scrumptious: Mouth-Watering Food Pictures

Food Pictures

Scrumptious: Mouth-Watering Food Pictures

How do you take food pictures that are more than palatable? With Thanksgiving over and the holiday season on its way, one thing that there’s not a shortage of is food! Take a moment to appreciate those delectable entrees! Some mouth-watering photos that will get the stomach rumbling!

Taking Delicious Pictures

Here are some great ways to take beautiful food pictures:Â

  1. Use Window Light – The natural lighting gives your dish a fresh, even airy quality. There’s nothing quite like a freshly made plate to create sweet and savory aromas. Not to mention, tantalize the taste buds. Just be sure to turn off inside lights and make sure the sun isn’t shining directly into the shot for that delicious photo finish!Â
  2. Be Quick -Â Â Food simply won’t keep forever. For the most scrumptious, mouth-watering photos it is best to take pictures while the food is hot. Taking pictures of things before they lose color, wilt, or melt makes for the most appetizing photos.Â
  3. Shoot From Various Angles -Â Â Different dishes look good from different angles. For instance, a burger is best shot from the side so as to get a view of all its condiments, where a pie is best captured from up top unless sliced. Although you may find that even with these dishes, you can capture them fairly well from more than one angle. It never hurts to experiment!Â
  4. Style It -Â The presentation of the dish is important. A balance of color and shapes make for an appealing plate!

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