Turkey Day: Thanksgiving 2017 Trends

Thanksgiving 2017 Trends

Turkey Day: Thanksgiving 2017 Trends

Thanksgiving 2017 is only days away! Haven’t bought or stuffed the turkey yet? Still indecisive if you’re going to visit the folks or do something on your own? Here are some Top Thanksgiving 2017 Trends this year!

  1. Eating Healthy -Â Thanksgiving’s full of good things to eat. Vegan options are on the rise! Trying to cut down on carbs? Not a problem! Something as bright, fresh, festive as a Squash Stuffing can make for a healthy option this Thanksgiving.
  2. Minis -Â Cutting back on portions can’t be more simple! Bite-size portions of larger dishes aren’t only delightful but can add to your meal presentation. Minis can make any dish look adorable and fun for young and pickier eaters.Â
  3. Spiced Up Table Settings -Â Spice things up with a little holiday flare! Something as simple as a stick of cinnamon in the napkin at each place setting creates a sweet but festive vibe for your holiday get-together.Â
  4. Eating Greens - Some classic vegetables are making their way back to the table this Turkey Day. Green beans and Brussels are re-emerging as household favorites.Â
  5. Millenial Pink -Â Fall colors naturally, but who would’ve thought to include pink in their Thanksgiving decorum? This year millennial pink makes its way into countless homes for a little bright, Turkey day celebration.Â

Haven’t quite had your fill? Here are some more Tasty Turkey Day Trends!

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