Stunning Wedding Trends To Anticipate In 2018

Stunning Wedding Trends

Stunning Wedding Trends To Anticipate In 2018

With Autumn practically here, the fashion world is preparing for Hot Wedding Trends of 2018.  Whether you’re a practical, whimsical, romantic, or modern bride one thing is certain, there will be a little something for everyone with these Stunning Wedding Trends!

Ruffling Feathers

If millennial hues don’t have the bride tickled pink, then feathers sure will! Heavy plumage lined skirts and feathered corsets might make for a fairytale look.

Stunning Wedding Trends

Goodbye Blushing Bride, Hello Millenial Bride!

Blush pink and soft baby blues give brides an angelic and lively air. Next year the new thing will take the term “think pink” to a whole new level.  Step back sweet pastels and romantic blush pink, and welcome millennial pink for the millennial bride!


Saying “I do,” has become a practice where anything goes. Traditional gowns are transforming. It’s becoming more commonplace for separates. Sauntering down the aisle in separates is a bridal revelation for modern brides of 2018. Not the dressy type, saunter down the aisle in a classy designer jumpsuit.

Stunning Wedding Trends

Paint It, Black

Going full out black might be too big of a step for a traditional bride. Â Painting your gown with a touch of black adds a touch of flair any modern bride can appreciate.

The XL Ball Gown Is Back

Bridezillas, Queen Bees, and brides who desire a more royal look will love this 2018 Wedding Trend! XL Ball Gowns are reviving. This timeless look is making a comeback in a big way!

More Fabulous Trends for 2018

Next year has a lot to offer brides, here are some of the Prettiest Wedding Dresses 0f 2018