4 Reasons your wedding needs a Photo Booth

Let’s face it, weddings cost a lot of money. Less than half of couples getting married have a budget under $20,000, and it goes up from there. Most of your wedding budget will go towards the necessities of entertaining and hosting your guests, for example – the venue, feeding and adult beverages. Then there are items you just can’t do without, like the dress, make-up and hair.

So, while a photo booth may not be the first item on your wedding budget, here area a few reason why hiring a booth will be one of the best decisions you make and something your wedding guests will remember for years to come!

Reason #1 Make History.

Imagine, in 30 years’ time pulling the photo of you and your sweetheart out of your wallet to show your kids…or even your kids’ kids.  Heck I still have a photo booth picture produly displayed on my desk from 2008 and each time I look at it I smile and remember how much fun I had!

Reason #2 Sharing is Caring.

It’s the Perfect Party Favor.  Providing a keepsake for your guests is a wonderful gesture. An actual printed photo from the moment of your wedding will be full of meaning to your guests, and you get to keep one too!

Reason #3 It’s a Boredom Buster.

Because what else will your guests do aside from dance ?  Not that your wedding could ever be boring, but having something else for guests is just plain fun and entertaining!

Reason #4 It’s Not all about You.

Let’s be honest though, it is all about you. You and your friends and your family.  Think outside your own tastes and ask yourself will your guests, friends, family enjoy the photo booth experience ? A photographer is great at capturing your wedding images, ensuring everything is perfect and just so. A booth, however is a fun approach to candid photographs and capturing your guests, in the moment! 

ShutterBooth offers 4 unique photo booth styles for every budget including the Traditional Booth, The Open Air Booth, The Kiosk and our Social Media Booth! In additional we offer tons of options including Scrapbook Service, ShutterVideo, Green Screen, Animated GIFs, Custom Snapchat Filters and more!!  To reserve a Shutterbooth for your upcoming wedding reception, click here to complete the form, email us at tampa@shutterbooth.com or give us a call at 813-600-3636


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Customized Props

When you want to make your event extra special, it’s always fun to add a ShutterBooth Photo Booth AND a customized prop box! We recently worked with the super creative folks at Concept Bait and created a customized props box for their magic themed event which included magician capes, bunny ears, giant cards, tops hats and more.  The event theme, “Believe in Magic” helped raise money for All Children’s Hospital. We used a red sequin backdrop to help bring the red, black and white color theme together.  Click here to see the event gallery.

Next, we were approached by staff at Hampton Inn Hotel near JFK, who are hosting an event in Tampa, FL and wanted a fun way to incorporate the “airport” and “flying” into their event.  We packed their prop box with Pilot Hats, Vintage Single Pilot hats, Pilot goggles, Airplanes and fun airplane stick props!  We are using a sky blue backdrop and open style photo booth for this event. Click Here to see the event gallery.


Airport and Airplane props for Hampton Inn – JFK


Magic Themed Props for All Children’s Hospital and Concept Bait









To book ShutterBooth Tampa for your next event, email us at tampa@shutterbooth.com or call us at 813.600.3636

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ShutterBooth Tampa won the 2017 Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award!

We are excited to announce for the the 7th year in a row we have won the Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award!

WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals on WeddingWire who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism.


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Free SnapChat Filter!

For limited time we are offering all new clients with a Free SnapChat Filter.  Let’s face SnapChat is more popular than ever.  The use of filters with photos and videos on Snapchat has been a celebrate special events or when you visit a new location.  What would be more fun and memorable than having your very own custom SnapChat filter available for guests to use during your event? The filter is perfect for weddings, corporate events, school events and more!















ShutterBooth is a photo and video booth company offering services for virtually any type of event. We offer traditional, open air and kiosk setups and a host of products and options to make your event unique.  To learn more about ShutterBooth visit www.ShuttterBoothcom

Complete the form below and we will send pricing and availability for your event!

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ShutterBooth Kiosk

ShutterBooth Kiosk is a fun way to bring ShutterBooth to your event. The Kiosk has become very popular among clients. It’s been used at birthdays, grad parties and many corporate events. Two recent clients that used ShutterKiosk were IBM Amplify and the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival.

IBM had an awesome setup at the Kiosk. It was a jungle theme that included a jungle backdrop, stuffed animals and a a really cool jeep cutout.








                                                                                                             The guests got creative and had fun taking pictures in the jeep cutout.










The Margarita fest had a 4×6 border with their pictures. It featured the festival’s logo and was a lime green that matched the colors of the festival .












The logo also featured hashtags.

The photos came out great and people really had a lot of fun taking pictures.












So remember to book ShutterBooth for your next event and don’t forget to ask about the Kiosk.

For more information you can contact us at


or at



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Woman Up!

ShutterBooth was so excited to attend Woman’s Up.

Woman Up is a women’s empowerment expo that happened over the weekend. This event was all about powerful women. The women attending ranged from poets to CEO’s and from motivational speakers to founders of companies.








                          These women gave seminars as well as advice  to the guests about how they achieved their goals and how they created a new outlook on life. Woman Up not only featured these wonderful successful women to speak but there were also tons of vendors at the event.








                            These vendors included Lashed by Lane, Skin Candy Skin Care, A Creative Cliche a personal stylist and many more. This event was an amazing night filled with strong successful women who wanted to spread the message of women’s empowerment.









It’s always so inspiring to see women coming together to support each other and to help each other achieve their dreams and goals.  Woman’s Up was an event that did just that.


To have ShutterBooth at your next event contact us at 813.600.3636 or email us at tampa@shutterbooth.com


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ShutterBooth went to Playlist Live!

Recently Shutterbooth had the awesome opportunity to be a part of Playlist Live! It was an amazing experience.

All of the guests had such a fun time taking pictures in front of our red sequin backdrop.










The booth was filled with laughs and smiles from everyone who took a picture in the photo booth.










Playlist live was so much fun and it was definitely a memorable event for ShutterBooth.










It is always a fun time when ShutterBooth is around. So remember to book us for your next event.

For more information contact us at 813.600.3636 or at Tampa@shutterbooth.com

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Prom Season!

Prom Season is slowly coming to an end and ShutterBooth had the pleasure of being apart of quiet a few proms this season.

Prom is such a fun time and it is a night in which lasting memories are made.











ShutterBooth loves bringing the fun to events. The students had an awesome time taking pictures.

They took pictures that were silly, goofy, beautiful and all of these images capture the memories that high school brings.











ShutterBooth is always there for when you want to capture special moments.











For more Info on booking call us at 813.600.3636 or email us at Tampa@shutterbooth.com



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ShutterBooth Partners with Cinebistro for Grand Opening

ShutterBooth Photo Booths Tampa Bay is excited to partner with Cinebistro Movie theater for their Grand Opening at Westfield Southgate in Sarasota, FL.

Join ShutterBooth on Thursday February 11, 2016 as we help to create fun photo memories for guests with our Open Air Photo Booth Setup.

CinéBistro will contain seven smallish movie theaters decked out with comfy leather lounge seats, where you can order dinner—you have to arrive 30 minutes before the show—and drinks. The menu is upscale casual, with gourmet sandwiches and burgers ($13 and up), pasta dishes, a selection of starters, and cocktails ($10 and up) along with wine and beer. There’s also a bar that looks glamorous in the rendering and has become a popular hotspot in CinéBistro in places like Vail. Guests must be 21 or older; you can try out two sample seats and see the complete menu in a display in the mall next to the theater, which is going in where Saks used to be.

To reserve a ShutterBooth for your special event contact ShutterBooth Tampa at 813.600.3636 or via email at tampa@shutterbooth.com.  We proudly serve Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk, Manatee, Pinellas, and the Orange county area.

Photo Courtesy of Herald Tribune

Photo Courtesy of Herald Tribune

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Wedding Time!

ShutterBooth works lots of different types of events. Weddings photo booths are especially popular here at ShutterBooth. This past weekend ShutterBooth had the opportunity to work at a few Weddings. Weddings are always a great time because they atmosphere is filled with joy. Being able to help provide memories for that special couple is always something that ShutterBooth looks forward to.












We recently worked a beautiful wedding that was held Marie Shelby Botanical Gardens. It was a spectacular wedding and everyone had a great time.












The Guests to awesome pictures that made everyone smile.

The Bride and Groom took some pictures as well and they really enjoyed the photo booth.





So for your wedding remember to book ShutterBooth for your photo booth needs. We really would love to help you celebrate your special night.


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