4 Reasons your wedding needs a Photo Booth

Let’s face it, weddings cost a lot of money. Less than half of couples getting married have a budget under $20,000, and it goes up from there. Most of your wedding budget will go towards the necessities of entertaining and hosting your guests, for example – the venue, feeding and adult beverages. Then there are items you just can’t do without, like the dress, make-up and hair.

So, while a photo booth may not be the first item on your wedding budget, here area a few reason why hiring a booth will be one of the best decisions you make and something your wedding guests will remember for years to come!

Reason #1 Make History.

Imagine, in 30 years’ time pulling the photo of you and your sweetheart out of your wallet to show your kids…or even your kids’ kids.  Heck I still have a photo booth picture produly displayed on my desk from 2008 and each time I look at it I smile and remember how much fun I had!

Reason #2 Sharing is Caring.

It’s the Perfect Party Favor.  Providing a keepsake for your guests is a wonderful gesture. An actual printed photo from the moment of your wedding will be full of meaning to your guests, and you get to keep one too!

Reason #3 It’s a Boredom Buster.

Because what else will your guests do aside from dance ?  Not that your wedding could ever be boring, but having something else for guests is just plain fun and entertaining!

Reason #4 It’s Not all about You.

Let’s be honest though, it is all about you. You and your friends and your family.  Think outside your own tastes and ask yourself will your guests, friends, family enjoy the photo booth experience ? A photographer is great at capturing your wedding images, ensuring everything is perfect and just so. A booth, however is a fun approach to candid photographs and capturing your guests, in the moment! 

ShutterBooth offers 4 unique photo booth styles for every budget including the Traditional Booth, The Open Air Booth, The Kiosk and our Social Media Booth! In additional we offer tons of options including Scrapbook Service, ShutterVideo, Green Screen, Animated GIFs, Custom Snapchat Filters and more!!  To reserve a Shutterbooth for your upcoming wedding reception, click here to complete the form, email us at tampa@shutterbooth.com or give us a call at 813-600-3636