ShutterBooth Kiosk

ShutterBooth Kiosk is a fun way to bring ShutterBooth to your event. The Kiosk has become very popular among clients. It’s been used at birthdays, grad parties and many corporate events. Two recent clients that used ShutterKiosk were IBM Amplify and the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival.

IBM had an awesome setup at the Kiosk. It was a jungle theme that included a jungle backdrop, stuffed animals and a a really cool jeep cutout.








                                                                                                             The guests got creative and had fun taking pictures in the jeep cutout.










The Margarita fest had a 4×6 border with their pictures. It featured the festival’s logo and was a lime green that matched the colors of the festival .












The logo also featured hashtags.

The photos came out great and people really had a lot of fun taking pictures.












So remember to book ShutterBooth for your next event and don’t forget to ask about the Kiosk.

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