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Christine is a SoCal ShutterBooth fun’preneur!  Fun’preneur? What does that mean? Glad you asked, it’s simple:

Fun’preneur [fuhn-pruh-noor] n. 1- a person who organizes and manages fun, especially a business, usually with considerable happiness, playfulness and jollity 2- a person who earns a living doing what they love –-v.  to deal with or initiate fun and amusement; to joke or kid

Our goal at SoCal ShutterBooth is to provide an entertainment service to our clients, seamlessly and without a hitch, complementing their event, creating lasting memories, and providing a unique experience. ShutterBooth is not a job to us, but an opportunity to put smiles on peoples’ faces and a chance to love what we do and do what we love.

Keepin’ it fun

SoCal ShutterBooth
436 W Commonwealth Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832