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Are you planning a Quinceañera?


ShutterBooth can help you!

Every little girl dreams of her Quinceanera from the matching linens and beautiful flower arrangements to floating into the room in her beautiful bright gown as her friends and loved ones cheer.


What better way to capture this milestone in a young woman’s life than with photos?  And not just any photos, but high quality ShutterBooth photos.

Why ShutterBooth?

1. Quality

A Quinceanera is a once-in-a-lifetime party that comes together after much careful planning.   ShutterBooth is a great addition because we ONLY operate high quality equipment and that shows in our photos.  We believe your Quinceanera should only have the best, and that is what will we offer you – our best!

2. Design

Our ShutterBooths are sleek and elegant, and can easily fit into the theme of your party.  They are also extremely customizable.   Ask us about your options with our Custom Logos,  ShutterSkinz, and External Digital Monitor.  The most important element to our design is that our spacious booths have a free-floating curtain.  What this means for the birthday girl is that her Quinceanera dress AND her friends will fit into our booths!  Our booths can fit 10-12 people comfortably (however ShutterBooth’s record is 18!).

3.  Keepsakes

ShutterBooth  photos make a great favor for your guests.  We offer bookmarks, picture frames, and magnetic frames that would be the perfect fit for a teen’s locker.   The birthday girl also has an option for a scrapbook that her friends can autograph.  All of our scrapbook supplies are long-lasting and acid-free, so her memories will be safe.  She’ll also receive a High Resolution DVD of all the images.

4. Fun

Friends and family will absolutely love taking unlimited photos in our ShutterBooth.  With a fun prop box, you will see your guests being crazy, silly,ridiculous, and glamorous.  No doubt they will leave your Quinceanera bragging about how unique and fun it was!


How it works?

A ShutterHost will arrive 2-3 hours before the party starts to setup and test the ShutterBooth.  The Host will direct your guests to the booth, ensure that everything runs smoothly, assemble the scrapbook, and offer posing suggestions when needed.    Once a guest walks into the booth, our easy to use touch screen will let them select their picture preference (black & white, color, or sepia).  The camera will take four pictures and countdown in between each picture.  In less than a minute, the pictures will print and your guests will have a very special keepsake.  Just a few days after the Quinceanera, your guests can go to our website ( to view all of the photos from the night, download the images, link to Facebook, and order various sizes and prints.


We look forward to helping you make YOUR Quinceanera an absolute hit!


Why ShutterBooth

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