ShutterBooth San Diego Awarded Wedding Wire 2016

We are happy to announce we have received another Wedding Wire rated award for 2016.  We appreciate all of our clients who reviewed us in 2015Couple's Choice 2016!  It is because of you that we do what we do and LOVE it.



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Introducing “Open by ShutterBooth”

We are excited to announce our newest product for the red carpet! Open by ShutterBooth!

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$99 “Save the Date” Session (1/2 off)

Give us a call or email if you would like to book time at our studio in Little Italy.

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What?! Half Off of a San Diego PhotoBooth: Shelley and Thomas


A Cheap PhotoBooth vs. a Quality PhotoBooth

Shutterbooth ventured out to  Wedgewood Golf Club in Fallbrook, CA on June 23rd for a fantastic wedding celebrating Shelley & her groom Thomas!  This lucky couple was one of our 1/2 Off Raffle winners from a Bridal Show they attended, and they certainly took advantage of their amazing savings!!

“We’re not the cheapest photobooth, but we’re not the most expensive either!”

This is now somewhat of a catch-phrase at our ShutterOffice :).  Photobooths in San Diego are so huge now as an entertainment factor to parties (completely understandable…. they DO enhance the celebration!!), that there are tons of photobooth companies to pick from.  So then, why ShutterBooth…?

If I may ;)… I want to paint you a picture!!  You are getting ready for your wedding & plans are all coming along smoothly.  You found a killer deal on Groupon or LivingSocial for a divine wedding cake!!  You decide to go for it because their pictures look beautiful, and hey! it’s a killer deal!  All the plans are in order, and you have everything set for the big day.  On the day of your wedding, you and your new husband or/wife walk up to your cake to cut it, and they colors aren’t what you wanted, the design is not quite right, and they designed it with purple pansies instead of peonies… But again, it was a great deal- so you can excuse all of those little “mishaps”.  Then you take a bite….. And it literally tastes like cardboard!!  At this point you know your guests are only taking pieces to be “polite”.  You sit and think… “I paid a couple hundred for this cake, and even though it was a “steal”- there is definitely a reason why!  The cakes that were quality is product, service, and decor were more expensive… but if I was going to shell out a couple hundred for a cake anyway- I might as well have shelled out a couple more in order to make sure it was worth the while!”

 Shelley & Thomas were able to have their cake & eat it TOO!

This worked out perfectly because our adorable ShutterCouple happened to have a beautiful cake that also tasted great and the service of the company was fantastic as well!  In life, you get what you pay for… and on a day as special as your wedding day… you don’t want to risk eating cardboard cake!

Our ShutterCouple was the lucky winner’s of one of our half of raffles- however, the service, the quality, the professionalism, and the reliability of ShutterBooth is what makes us worth while and the trusted San Diego photobooth company for all of our other brides & grooms who didn’t win us for 1/2 off….

 Take a Further Look!

Check out the amazing pipping work on this cake 🙂

I loved the wooden “&” sign that connected the Bride & Groom’s chairs!!

The Wedgewood Golf Club has a great lounge area for your guests to hang out & rest their aching feet from a night of nonstop dancing!!

Unlimited Photos from Your PhotoBooth (and MAN! Can ShutterBooth provide…)

These are only some of the great pictures of the evening 🙂 there were so many to choose from! It was fantastic!

Congratulations Shelley & Thomas! We wish you all of the luck in the world!


The ShutterTeam


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A Modern Romance Wedding of Red, Black, and White: Zheilla and Ali

 A Beautiful Hidden Venue & A Record Breaking Attempt to Pack ShutterBooth

 This Sneak Peak preview is of Zheilla and Ali’s April wedding in Fallbrook, CA at the gorgeous venue of Los Willows.  I don’t know if it was just that day or if the place always looks like this, but on Saturday, April 27th, this little venue, tucked back in the hills of Fallbrook, just looks gorgeous!  The sky was a perfect blue and all of the colors of the venue sparkled!  The grass was a true green, the pond was a perfect dark teal, and the flowers were all in perfect bloom!

Not only was the venue top notch, but the wedding, and the guests were as well!  ShutterBooth often encounters the weddings, birthdays, and events where the guests are so amazing and fun that our hosts often times get pulled into the booth for pictures & end up in our ShutterCouples Classic or Premium Scrapbooks!  This was the case with Zheilla & Ali’s wedding!  The guests were so fun, the venue so perfectly colorful, the Armenian culture so rich, and the couple so sweetly in love….

Take a Further Look!

And the PhotoBooth Fun Begins… Shutter-Style!

Our two hosts for the evening (featured at the top) were proposed to at the event!  The gentleman was so nice as to give them each their own engagement ring-pop!

One of the funnier moments of the evening that had the entire line waiting to get in ShutterBooth just cracking up…  A guest was looking around for a mustache, and our host though she found one- only to realize after trying to pick it up that it was in fact a fuzzy caterpillar!! This gentleman was brave enough to model the two suspects.

Some of the photos our hosts happen to make it into!!

And of course the gorgeous bride & all of her friends 🙂

Congratulations Zheilla & Ali! We wish you all of the luck in the world!


The ShutterTeam

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ShutterBooth Goes Biker-Chick-Chic, Harley Davidson Style: Chammy’s 24th Birthday Party

What do James Dean, Mustaches, Harley’s, and Photobooth’s have in common?… SHUTTERBOOTH!!

Not only does the best photobooth in town do weddings- but we also love to celebrate milestones as well!!  And turing 24 is definitely one of those milestones we wouldn’t want to miss!!  In fact any birthday- we are down to celebrate- but this was for a friend of ShutterBooth , so we were extra thrilled to rock this event!!

PLUS… It was a costume party!!

ShutterBooth is (in our humble opinion) the best photobooth in San Diego for many reasons, but one specific one of mine- is that it is PERFECT for BIG ensembles!!  Now, whether that be your wedding/quinceanera dress or your amazing costume for a masquerade ball, or in this case a Harley Davidson bike theme, WE CAN CAPTURE YOUR LOOK!!

Chammy’s birthday was amazing!  Her sweet girlfriend Christina put it on for her as a surprise party & the details of this birthday was just beyond fantastic!  It was a backyard party- obviously Harley themed- and some of the party handouts were: temporary tattoos, bandanas, and mustaches!!  It was so fun watching all of these characters pile into ShutterBooth and take hilarious photos.  Some amazing moments were captured that night & we were so lucky to be party of the festivities!!

Take a Further Look!

Shutterbooth Brings Out the “Class-Clown” in Everyone!





Happy 24th Birthday Chammy! Cheers to another amazing year!


The ShutterTeam

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A Rustic-Vintage Temecula Winery Wedding: Andrea and Scot



Wooden Windows, Thistles, and Burlap- Oh My!

 Ponte Winery (in Temecula, CA) is no hop, skip, and a jump away from our Little Italy ShutterOffice… But there was no better venue and scenery for this gorgeous rustic wedding of our amazing ShutterCouple, Andrea & Scot!!  Not only was the winery beautiful, the wedding touches phenomenal, and the couple adorable- but our favorite part of the day that made this wedding unique to us was their pre-ceremony music!

Let me tell ya…. ShutterBooth has done many events and we’ve seen (if not all…) then a lot!!  However, as we were prepping inside the reception area- the music I heard made me stop and think, ” That is beautiful!  But where have i heard this before?!”  The music was violin players that were playing the soft tune of a song that was so fimiliar to my ears… But I couldn’t think of what it could be- I’m no violinist or classical music expert.  So I started to hum along, and then words popped into my head:

“Oh, you know, you know, you know, I’d never ask you to change
If perfect’s what you’re searching for then just stay the same
So, don’t even bother asking if you look ok
You know I’ll say…”

No way!! They are playing Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are” on violins for their ceremony music!!

We have heard musicians play modern songs on classic instruments before- but nothing compared to those sounds!  It was just melodically blissful…  It is the unique small details that really make that special day even more rememberable!

Take a Further Look! 

Sneak Peak Pictures of ShutterBooth San Diego:

Their combination of lanterns with chandeliers really made for a nice touch in the decor department!

Some of our other favorite touches of the night were the table numbers and seating chart!  A wooden window pane & burlap wine bags were the perfect touches to help enhance the rustic atmosphere!

There are just some moments that only a photobooth can capture (a ShutterBooth- photobooth that is!)

Congratulations Andrea & Scot! We wish you all of the luck in the world!


The ShutterTeam

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Cinco de Mayo Wedding and Unforgettable Wedding Favors: Rosie and Bruce


A Wedding Reception to Remember- So Save Your Favor For Later!

Our newest ShutterCouple newly weds are Rosie and Bruce.  This wonderful couple chose to get married in downtown San Diego at the amazing wedding venue of El Cortez, and had their reception in the Don Room!  Whether our other ShutterBrides have chosen El Cortez or not, this venue is famous around San Diego for having the most gorgeous ceiling.  The inside of the Don Room is enchanting, and the perfect place for a wedding- let alone a Cinco de Mayo wedding!

ShutterBooth was able to be on the patio area out in the beautiful sunshine, and we had such an amazing time with all of Rosie & Bruce’s family and friends… And wow! did their guests have a wonderful and unforgettable wedding gift waiting for them inside!!

Take a Further Look!

Sneak Peak Pictures of ShutterBooth San Diego:

Such an elegant way of serving tacos! ….Only at El Cortez!

Yes! Those are what you think they are!

In order to celebrate with beyond their wedding date– they gave each guest (that was over 21 of course) a miniature bottle of Patron!  Nothing says “Happy Cinco de Mayo” quite like tacos, fun, pictures, and Patron! Well done on the favors Rosie and Bruce!

No One Can Do It Quite Like A San Diego PhotoBooth (AKA The ShutterBooth)

It’s awesome to see people take advantage of one of ShutterBooth’s biggest perks!  Our booths offer so much space for killer poses and cramming all of your friends and family inside!!  So when guests pile into the booth and take advantage of all of that space it comes off as fun, crazy, madness in the pictures!

Congratulations Rosie & Bruce! We wish you all of the luck in the world!


The ShutterTeam

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A Whimsical Owl Themed Wedding: Janet & John


A Whimsical Wedding Reception- Filled with Owls & Treats

There is nothing ShutterBooth loves more than a creative couple!  Thanks to your photographer of choice (and us of course) your wedding day will live on in photographs.  How you tied the knot will live on and be recreated each year when you pull out the photo album and look back on one of the biggest milestones you’ll have in your life…

So why not have it be the most beautiful scene you can create? Especially if you’re going to relive it each year…

Fun Couple = Fun Wedding

Our ShutterCouple, Janet and John, are the sweetest people and a gorgeous couple; that is clearly reflected in the wedding they had and in the memories they created.  The whimsical theme throughout the wedding is seen in every colorful flower, mini-pie, owl lollipop, and birdcage vail that Janet wore.  The theme of owls are throughout the Sneak Peak photos our ShutterHosts captured, and it is a rare, but adorable theme to choose for such a fun whimsical wedding.

Take a Further Look!

Sneak Peak Pictures of ShutterBooth San Diego:

Helpful Hint: Dessert bars are the favorite of every wedding guest and budget bride.  With a dessert bar, you have choices!  Don’t like cupcakes, that’s okay!  There are mini-pies, and owl lollipops!  And while making owl lollipops wont be the easiest task- asking friend and family to help and make mini-cupcakes or pies while your auntie makes the make…  It is a brilliant way to save and please all your guests!

The couple chose the amazing wedding venue of Bali Hai in San Diego where they were able to eat sushi and watch the sail boats go by.

More little owls on their tree guestbook!

…And while the wedding decorations were amazing, the photobooth pictures are phenomenal! 

This series of photos was just too amazing to not be shown off!

Congratulations Janet & John! We wish you all of the luck in the world!


The ShutterTeam

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Rustic Vineyard Love: Andrea & Scot

Gorgeous Temecula Winery & Rustic Inspired Wedding

This Sneak Peak, of Andrea & Scot’s lovely wedding, is one that ShutterBooth made sure to get plenty of pictures of…  Although our snap shots are not as fantastic as the professional ones we can’t wait to see…  they still give you the ideas that this wedding nailed perfectly!  so many brides say they are going for a “rustic” wedding- yet not “country”.  Well look no further!  This is the perfect example of what you are searching to accomplish, and it all happened at Ponte Winery in Temecula, CA.

Andrea and Scot are a sweet couple who had so many lovely touches to their day of tying the knot.  We could not pick one favorite part of the wedding, but our top two was definitely the table seating display and the pre-ceremony music!  First off, our hosts were inside the reception area checking the booth and getting it prepped for an amazing time of endless hilarity when they started humming along to the violins playing outside in the ceremony area.   Now, while we all can appreciate classical music, this is not something we know by heart…  It turns out they violinists were playing songs like “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.  It was a spectacular modern spin on a classic tradition!

Take A Further Look!

Unique Table Seating Display- Whimsically Rustic

This would be the ingenious table seating display…  Very rustic, but not country!  The burlap is a common theme throughout the wedding, which definitely gives that whimsical yet rugged feel.

The ShutterCouple’s wedding colors were: Navy, Gold, and Champaign.  Their Premium Scrapbook was so much fun to create!  Such a unique color scheme that really fit their vision!

Congratulations Andrea & Scot! We wish you all of the luck in the world!


The ShutterTeam

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Chris & Angela Tie the Knot at an Amazing San Diego Wedding Venue!


Chris & Angela’s Paradise Wedding- Right Here in San Diego

When we live in such a beautiful city and see it day in and day out… we usually forget: WE LIVE IN PARADISE!  Our amazing ShutterCouple Chris & Angela saw San Diego for all of it’s beauty and took advantage!  So with all the anticipation of April 14th coming up, our ShutterTeam was a little worried when the clouds started rolling in…  But alas, we live in San Diego!  There is hardly ever a bad day in our city and thanks to the gorgeous cloud cover, Chris and Angela had the most beautiful backdrop any almost-married-couple could ask for!  Thanks to San Diego’s Military Base venue, the Oceanview Room in Point Loma, the now newlywed couple had an amazing wedding venue to kick off their reception, starting dancing away, & begin to capture amazing moments and memories in our beloved ShutterBooth.

Take a further look!

Sneak Peak Pictures of ShutterBooth San Diego:

Congratulations Angela & Chris! We wish you all of the luck in the world!


The ShutterTeam

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DJs are important…

…. they tie your whole event together, so why would you want them worrying about your photo booth too?

On your wedding day you want everything to be perfect, right? So do we! And that is why your DJ and your Photographer should be focused on making memorable moments in their special way. So let’s take some of the stress off of them and let the Photo Booth Pros handle the photo booth!

This is our specialty! It is all that we do and we do it well! At ShutterBooth it is important to us that your guests’ crazy and touching moments are captured behind those black curtains. And you, as the Bride and Groom, will receive a DVD of all of these amazing images. If you choose, you might be lucky enough to take a Scrapbook that night and spend the next day giggling at all of the funny pics that your friends and family took in the Photo Booth. And the best part is that they will be doing the same thing, every time they see that memory, the one they captured at your special event.

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Bridal Bazaar 2012



Voted San Diego’s #1 Bridal Show, in one exciting day at the Bridal Bazaar you’ll see the latest trends, the hottest styles, and the best suppliers. Plus you’ll find money saving show specials offered only at the Bridal Bazaar.

ShutterBooth is thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful show. We will be offering an incredible special tomorrow that you won’t want to miss! Purchase your discounted tickets and get more information here.


Bridal Show Tips


1.  Create mailing labels from VistaPrint or print off your own with your address, email, phone, wedding date & location.  It will save time and make it a cinch for you to enter dozens of giveaways at the show.

2.  Create a wedding email address such as that can be used exclusively for bridal registries and subscriptions (i.e. The Knot, etc.).  After the wedding, you can easily delete your email instead of unsubscribing to countless sites.

3.  Make sure you eat breakfast or grab Starbuck’s before the show.  In order to get all the information you can from 300 vendors, you will want to be energized and ready to go for a full day.

4.  Stop by the ShutterBooth, grab a prop, give us your best ShutterSmile, and enter to win a great giveaway!  We hope to see you tomorrow between 10am and 4pm.

Bridal Bazaar Directions


See you soon!

~ Abigail

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Wedding Entertainment on a Budget



Wedding Entertainment on a Budget

by Abigail Tanner


It’s been said that whatever your budget is for your wedding, be prepared to exceed it because you WILL exceed it. Funny how true that is. Now, by the time you begin planning the reception, you’ve likely used up your funds on the wedding dress, venues, and catering. It is imperative that entertainment not be neglected. This is THE party of your lifetime. You are getting married!


Taylor Swift is touring the night of your wedding and Coldplay is a little too expensive, so what do you do?

1. Check out your local indie artists. Go to Open Mics, place an ad on Craigslist, visit ReverbNation. You’ll be supporting local artists and putting some money back in your pocket.

2. Look into local college music programs. If you are a jazz fan, call the school’s music director and ask them to announce it to their students and make sure to compensate them. Students have a fresh passion for music and will be thrilled to play a paying gig.  (From my experience playing gigs in college, $75-$125 per band member for a 3 hour gig was a fair rate.  If you hired a jazz trio from a local college, that’s easily less than $500 for live music.)

3. Ask family and friends. Chances are your circles hold a few musicians. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they’d be interested in playing for an hour or two.

DJ / iTunes

If you are a big dance fan, a live band isn’t going to be your most affordable option.  To find a full band that can give a stellar performance in any genre from any decade, you’ll need thousands of dollars.

1. If you want a really good deal, call a DJ a few weeks shy of your wedding. If they are available on your wedding date, they want to be booked! Politely negotiate a good price with them.

2. Create a songlist on iTunes and play it on your iPod. Ask an outgoing friend or relative to emcee periodically. Make sure that all of your cables leading to the power outlet are taped securely to the floor and the back end of the iPod and/or computer. At one wedding I attended, someone kept tripping over the cord and the song kept skipping – it was so annoying!


It’s important to have a good mix of upbeat dance songs with slow dance songs. Some people are truly gifted with coordination and rhythm, others are not. The slow songs are for them.

I grew up in a conservative Christian home and, as a little girl, Baptists didn’t dance…at all. Times have changed and so has the church’s stance on dancing. Knowing that a lot of church folks would be at my wedding and that my hubby loves to dance presented a problem. My church folks were okay with dancing, but didn’t have a clue how to dance! So I asked my good friends, Joe & Denise, to teach swing dance lessons at my reception. They are super talented full-time dance instructors and they rocked it at my wedding. The guests had a blast and it was fun to watch them pick it up.

1. Call some dance studios and compare rates for group dance lessons. It’s an affordable and unique twist to an otherwise predictable wedding reception.

2. Call local dance companies and ask if they have any dancers preparing for a recital or dance competition who would like an opportunity to practice for a live audience.


If all else fails, rent or borrow a small sound system, hook up your computer to a projector, and make sure you have Wi-Fi. Go to and type in what you’d like to sing, “I’ve had the Time of my Life” for example, and you’ll have instant karaoke and lots of laughs.

Your San Diego wedding is sure to be unique and affordable if you follow these helpful tips. Let me know how it works for you!!

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Need wedding inspiration?



Congratulations to the newly engaged couples out there! As a newlywed myself, I understand how wonderful, stressful, and time-consuming wedding planning can be.  Once you figure out the date, city, and venue, everything will fall into place just right.

Some little girls have been planning their wedding their entire lives down to a detailed scrapbook or they even have their wedding dresses hanging in the closet already!  For those of you who have no idea where to start, what you need is INSPIRATION.

1. Pinterest  – Pinterest is a virtual scrapbook/bulletin board.  You have friends and walls just like Facebook, but it’s all about the images at Pinterest.  You can click on DIY projects such as these beautiful tissue paper pom poms.  It will give you the option of adding it to your board and will give you the direct link for more info.  Pinterest is great for looking up DIY projects, wedding dress styles, hairstyles, color schemes, and flowers.















2. 2012 Wedding Trends – It is really helpful to know what’s in for 2 reasons.

a)  What is popular is often what is in stock.

b) You want a memorable wedding that tops any you’ve attended!

According to the Belle Magazine blog, sequins, lace (on everything from your dress to the cake), burlap, and non-traditional wedding foods will be popular in 2012.  Visit their blog for more 2012 Wedding trends: Belle Magazine Blog.







3. Facebook – You know you are just as guilty as I am of browsing photos of friends and non-friends once you see that white gown.  It’s easy to click on facebook wedding albums for inspiration.  You get to see how different personalities play into the look and feel of a wedding.  Go ahead, indulge in a facebook creeping session, and put your sleuthing skills to work FOR you.

4. The – The Knot is an excellent resource with everything from reviews of vendors to etiquette advice to photo galleries of beautiful weddings.  If you join their email list, you will be eligible for special discounts with their preferred vendors.  Remember, every penny counts!

5. Design Seeds – This site is AMAZING!  Browse through this site for color inspiration.  The picture below speaks for itself.







Preview Changes


We would love to see what inspires you!  Comment here or visit us on Facebook.


~ Abigail





Kiss the Brides Expo

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Alyssa & Jose




Alyssa and Jose are such a cute couple and so full of life!  Wilson Creek Winery was such a gorgeous venue.  The food and the staff were amazing, but the best part was the surprise choreographed dance by the bride and groom.

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Win a ShutterBooth – Voting Starts Now

In celebration of our amazing fans here in San Diego voting us “Best Party Rental” in A-List, we are going to do something very special in return. For two weeks, we will be running a FaceBook Photo Contest. It’s easy to enter and all the details are on our FaceBook Page. You can vote 1 time per day and the person with the most votes, WINS! Go check out our page for all the details.


ShutterBooth voted Best Party Rental in San Diego

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We have been voted “Best Party Rental” in San Diego by’s A-List. Congrats to all the businesses who competed. We love our clients and we will see you at all the fabulous parties and weddings soon!

We're Competing badge

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San Diego “LIKE” Special

Any client that LIKES ShutterBooth San Diego on Facebook will receive $25 off any package.  Please mention the Facebook special to receive the discount.

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