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Meet the ShutterBooth Central TX Team

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2015. (2)


Meet Jenny…

1. Hobbies/Interests: Playing with my puppy, yoga, and Selfies! 

2. Favorite Food: Soup!

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: I’ll NEVER tell!

4. Funniest Moment at an Event: 2 girls were posing in the Open Style ShutterBooth and a camera man came up next to them and starting taking 1 click per second pictures and they started posing to the clicks of the camera! I’ve never seen anybody pose so fast! Amazingly Funny!

5. Why I ShutterBooth: It means the world to me when the Mother of the Bride gives me a hug and says we were the hit of the night! This makes my heart smile because I’m passionate about bringing laughter and happiness to people! LOVE SHUTTERBOOTH!




Meet Jeff…

1. Hobbies/Interests:  bicycling, golf

2. Favorite Food: pizza

3. Most Embarrassing Moment: Being kissed by the mother of a bride in front of everyone at the wedding. 

4. Funniest Moment at an Event: When a guy came up to me at an event and asked if he could apply for the job as the camera man inside the booth.

5. Why I ShutterBooth:  to help facilitate laughter and smiles, I love being a part of a small business like family!