Raleigh’s Big Fake Wedding

fakeOn November 12, 2015, ShutterBooth was honored to be part of The Big Fake Wedding at 214 Martin Street in downtown Raleigh.

The Big Fake Wedding℠ is a bridal show alternative complete with an emotional vow renewal ceremony, food, dancing — and of course — a ShutterBooth.

“Wedding guests” are brides- and grooms-to-be who get to truly experience some of the best local wedding vendors in action.

Check out this video, which was awesomely shot by Dogwood Media.  https://vimeo.com/147428731


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Looking for a Fun Party Idea? Try a Party Bus

party2The popularity of Greensboro as a destination for tourists has grown over the years. From checking out the cool restaurant and bar scene to going to a Greensboro Grasshoppers game or simply attending a trade show or conference, Greensboro has become hip again.


A great way to enjoy a night out with a group of people is to rent a party bus.  The vehicles come equipped with all the finest in luxury, from seating, to the LED lighting on the walls, and all the finest in technology from the loud awesome sound system, to the flat screen TVs on the walls.party3


This is a very fun way to party and spend time with your friends and family – not to mention you all have a designated driver.


The premier company in the Greensboro area is Greensboro Limousine and Party Bus.  Their service is spectacular and the pricing is more affordable than you would think. They are also perfect for wedding parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, proms and more. Contact them for more information.


Phone: 336-505-8440

Email: info@limobusgreensboro.com

Website: www.limobusgreensboro.com


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Visit Us At Upcoming Bridal Shows

Make sure you stop by and learn how ShutterBooth can help make your wedding more fun, unique and memorable. We will be at the following bridal show to kick-off 2014:

January 4-5: Forever Bridal Wedding Show — State Fairgrounds, Raleigh

January 12: Carolina Wedding Guide Bridal Show — Wilmington Convention Center

January 26:  Carolina Inn Bridal Showcase — The Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill

February 1: Brenton Convention Center Winston-Salem

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Green Screen Now Available!

ShutterBooth now offers a “green screen” option that allows you to tailor the background.  This is available in a traditional booth format or in an open format. The green screen is perfect for corpoate events, Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 parties, school events and more!

Contact us today to learn more!green_screen

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Looking to Spice Up Your Holiday Party?

A few open dates remain if you are looking to have ShutterBooth at your holiday party.  Contact us today!2012.

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ShutterBooth Continues its Expansion

What do Dallas, Toledo and Eastern Iowa have in common?  Simple, they are all some of the new ShutterBooth locations popping across the United States (and there are even offices in Hawaii and Alaska).

ShutterBooth continues to grow. With the newest ShutterOffices, ShutterBooth now has presence in 43 different markets.  Make no mistake — being national helps you! The various ShutterBooth offices share information, ideas and innovations.  To view where our offices are, click here

Our office in Raleigh services the following areas: Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Pinehurst, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Henderson, Durham, Raleigh, Pinehurst, Wilmington, Fayetteville, New Bern, Clinton, Greenville and Goldsboro (and everywhere in between).  We also support the ShutterBooth efforts in the Outer Banks.

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ShutterBooth Named a Partner of Wish Upon a Wedding

We are thrilled to announce that Shutterbooth has teamed up with Wish Upon a wedding as a National Sponsor, joining some other amazing businesses that support our cause and brighten the lives our the couples we serve.

 Beginning in September, Wish Recipients will have the option of having a photo booth at their wedding, compliments of Shutterbooth.

For more information, click here.

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The UNC Mascot — Rameses — Makes an Appearance at Lauren and Wayman’s Wedding

After many weddings of seeing Mr. and Mrs. Wolf from NC State make an appearance, it was nice to see the UNC Ram – “Rameses“ at the wedding of Lauren and Wayman in High Point.

Check out this video montage of the wedding by clicking here.

For those of you wondering (I know I was), the reason why the “Tarheels” have a ram as their mascot dates back to 1924.  Vic Huggins, UNC’s head cheerleader, decided that Carolina needed a mascot like N.C. State’s Wolf and Georgia’s Bulldog. At the time, Jack Merrit, known to his fans as the “Battering Ram,” was a popular member of UNC’s football team. Making use of this nickname, Huggins hit upon the idea of a ram as the Carolina mascot.

The cheerleader went to Charles T. Woollen, the University’s Business Manager, and asked him to find twenty-five dollars to buy a ram. They ordered UNC’s first mascot from Texas.

The 1924 team had been in a slump and Carolina fans were looking for something to break the jinx. The Tar Heel sports staff joined the campus in hoping that the new mascot would bring the much-needed luck.

The mascot, who was named Rameses, arrived in time for the UNC vs. VMI game on 8 November 1924. The fans saw a defensive struggle. No one scored until late in the fourth quarter when a UNC player executed a perfect dropkick for a 3-0 victory. Carolina fans credited the first Rameses’ presence for pulling Carolina past VMI, and giving birth to the long line of rams who have witnessed Tar Heel games.

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ShutterBooth Provided the Laughs in Two Weddings Featured in Southern Bride and Groom Magazine

Southern Bride and Groom magazine took a look back at the 2011 weddings of Meredith and Bobby (The Grand Marquise in Garner) and Jenna and Shawn (Bay 7 in Durham) in its latest issue.  ShutterBooth was proud to be part of both weddings and wish the newlyweds the best.

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Looking to Save Money? Consider a Non-Saturday Wedding

I’ve noticed more and more couples opting to tie the knot on a Sunday or Friday. Quite honestly, I can’t blame them. With all the costs associated with weddings today, you have to be price-conscious,

Having a wedding on a Sunday through Friday allows you greater choices on where to have your event plus virtually all vendors will lower their price for you. This also allows you to squeeze some “want-to-haves” on your special day…like ShutterBooth.

The Friday weddings we have done are also pretty crazy. It’s the end of the work week for most of your guests and they are ready to unwind. As you can imagine, the photos in the booth are quite memorable.

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ShutterBooth Wins Prestigious ISES Award

ShutterBooth was part of the Team Effort winning entry in the 2012 ISES (Triangle Chapter) Trinity Awards.  ShutterBooth provided fun and memories at a large Pepsi Bottling Venture event which was organized by The Special Event Company and held at the Raleigh Convention Center.

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Warning to Potential Photo Booth Renters

We have received several calls lately from brides who told me “I should have gone with you.” Instead they chose a company claiming they offer a photo booth when in fact they shot the photos against a backdrop or wall. There was no booth and the photos were not nearly as spontaneous as they could have been.

A word of advice: if you are researching photo booths, make sure it is actually a booth. 

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Check out ShutterBooth at Upcoming Bridal Shows

See why ShutterBooth is not your typical photo booth at the following bridal shows:

  • July 8 – Perfect Wedding Guide Show at the Embassy Suites at Brier Creek (Raleigh)
  • August 5 – Greensboro Bridal Show – Greensboro Coliseum
  • August 11-12 – Raleigh Bridal Show at the State Fairgrounds
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ShutterBooth Looks for Ways to be a Trend-Setter

As busy as everyone is returning calls and emails, meeting brides and just trying to somehow reduce that ever-growing “to do” list, we must take time to think about the future.


As wedding professionals, we have to execute today but be thinking about tomorrow – 2013 and beyond.  What will weddings look like in a few years? What about six, seven years down the road? 

When I launched the North Carolina ShutterBooth business in late 2008, people looked quizzically and sarcastically at me; I knew what they were thinking — “photo booths for weddings? Really?”  Not many people may have predicted several years ago that photo booths would be such a popular wedding option today.


The key now is to look down the road and see what weddings of the future will look like. But with the speed of technology and innovation faster today than ever, we can’t let opportunities pass us by. 

At ShutterBooth, we brainstormed, we researched, we identified gaps in services and, of course, we spoke to brides. We have decided that being a trend setter is better than being a trend follower. You may be asking how a photo booth company can be a trend setter?  Well, here are a few ways.


We identified a gap in spontaneous video.  What we found was that many video companies would rather focus on the wedding party.  Additionally, guests felt uncomfortable out in the open and being in front of a microphone. So we added ShutterVideo, an option where guests can have their photos taken or leave a taped message to the newlyweds – all while being comfortable “behind the curtain.” 

Then we looked at the affordability issue. While I believe a ShutterBooth is a “must have,” the reality is that it typically is something that brides want really bad but sometimes can’t afford. So we started the revolutionary ShutterRegistry where brides can register for a ShutterBooth and have their guests help pay for the service.


In our TMZ/celebrity world, we also found a desire to have the photo booth experience on the red carpet.  So we now offer the option of the booth – minus the curtain – so that spontaneous photos can be taken against branded backdrops. The corporate world, in particular, loves this approach. 

And finally, while the ShutterBooth provides instant gratification with on-the-spot photos, guests still want the availability to access their photos on-line as soon as possible.  With the new Shutter and Share, guests sign up on a laptop at the wedding to have an email notification sent to them when the photos go live.


What’s next?  That’s the question we should all be asking.  With technology moving at record pace and consumer demands escalating nearly as fast, the wedding industry must be thinking strategically on what they will be in 2013 and beyond.

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Former Flannel Mill Now One of Triad’s Best Venues

Revolution Mill Studio, located in Greensboro, N.C., is a unique and gorgeous venue for wedding receptions.  Originally built in 1898, Revolution Mill became the first flannel mill in the region and eventually grew to be the world’s largest flannel production facility by the 1930s.  The mill remained in operation until 1982 and is now a nationally recognized historic textile mill.

The mill was purchased by Revolution Studios, LLC, in February 2003 and has since undergone a multimillion dollar renovation process converting the facility into office and event space.  With its maple floors, massive pine columns, 15-foot ceilings, and large windows, this 600,000 square foot building is breathtaking. The event space has the capacity to seat 350 people and standing room for 500.  Dressing rooms, kitchen, lounge and bar area are all available at the mill.

To book an event at Revolution Mill, contact Leidra Dunson, event operations manager,  at 336-235-2393 or events@revolutionmillstudios.com.

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