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Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props – Perfect for your Wedding Photo Booth Rental?

I live in the Milwaukee area, WI – Should I include Props with my Photo Booth Rental?


Making the decision to include with your photo booth rental is not a decision to be taken lightly. A Photo Booth rental is completely different with or without props. Our experience at ShutterBooth has found that whether you are planning a black tie gala, whimsical afternoon wedding, or a sweet 16th birthday – Props are a must. No matter the event, by adding props you inspire your guests to relax, let their hair down, and have a great time. It takes the fear out of your more timid guests scared to enter the photo booth and lets them find courage and inspiration to strike-a-pose by throwing on a hot pink boa, oversized sunglasses, and a giant mustache-on-a-stick! Guests of all events find it hilarious and an opportunity to throw on some fun crazy props and take pictures that last a lifetime.


Sure a photo booth is still a ton of fun without any props but we usually get half the pictures of an event with them. Without props guests run out of ideas on how to stand, smile, and act while their photo is taken. Grab an inflatable guitar or throw on a clown wig – bam, inspiration for more photos.


Wedding photo booth props are key. Include in the prop bin a white veil and giant fake diamond ring – watch the guests strike their best pose in the Photo Booth as the bride and groom. Add a personal touch with a printed cut-out of one of your silliest siblings face on a stick! Bring baseball caps from your favorite team or even better, a giant foam finger to wave in the air. Or just stick with the basics – giant pimp hats, boas, inflatable instruments, swords, masks, a fake pipe, inspector hat, fireman hat…. The list goes on.


At a corporate event – photo booth props are essential. Corporate events are the hardest type of event to get guests out of their shell. With props on site it only takes that first class-clown of the group to find the courage to throw on the props and put on a show and suddenly the ice is broken. The entire crowd relaxes, and suddenly your corporate event is providing more team building then you could ever expect.


Most photo booth rentals in Milwaukee offer props but not all of them offer props-on-a-stick. They are the latest craze! Props-on-a-stick are so much fun and there are so many different kinds! Red lips smiling, pink lips kissing, lips with vampire teeth! Its amazing how creative you can get with these. As for mustaches the options are unlimited… and all on a stick! The old man stache, hulk stache, ….. And it doesn’t end there. Now there are glasses on a stick, hats on a stick, and more! We fell in love with them so much at ShutterBooth that we now include Props-on-a-stick in every prop bin! Not only do you get the normal crazy props but now you get the sticks too. I strongly encourage you to ask your photo booth company if they offer them and if not.


Prop or No Props?

The answer is Props.