Why Wedding Guests Think ShutterBooths are AWESOME!


If you’ve wondered if it’s really worth it to have a ShutterBooth at your wedding then read on and hear what some guests this year havesaid about our ShutterBooth services at weddings they attended:
“I love that I can take home a lasting memory!” Katie, guest at Kyle and Lacie’s wedding

Instead of flavors they will forget on the table or food that they eat and forget, a photo print from your wedding is something your guests will treasure. They’ll put it in a frame, in a scrapbook, on their refrigerator!

I was a little leery about going in the booth at first, but I could see that everyone was having a blast and everything was moving so smoothly that I just grabbed funny hat and went for it. It made the night SO MUCH FUN!  I’m not a big dancer so if the ShutterBooth wasn’t there I probably would have left early. Instead, I have a bunch of awesome photos with a bunch of my best friends!”  Amanda, guest at Brandon and Samantha’s wedding.

No matter how big or how small your wedding is, it’s great to have something to help break the ice and get them socializing and having fun.  A ShutterBooth is the perfect thing! Give them a reason to stay and party!

“I can’t believe it, even my mom got in the ShutterBooth! We had so much fun taking goofy family photos, we’re going to send them in our Christmas Card!”  Alyssa, Maid of Honor at Jon and Madison’s wedding.

Camera-shy? You don’t have to be with the ShutterBooth.  Once the curtain closes, the fun starts!  Grab a few friends and make some memories. ShutterBooths are for all ages!
Want to know more about our photo booths for your upcoming wedding in Milwaukee? Contact us at 414-255-3800 or fill out our online inquiry for more detailed information and pricing

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A Perfect Marriage: ShutterBooth offers Photos and Video

Untitled design (2)

ShutterBooth has the perfect combination to make your wedding reception a blast: our photo and video booth!  Not only will your guests go home with a fun photo from your day, they’ll have the opportunity to leave you a video message. Imagine being able to re-live the day with funny and heartfelt messages from your friends and family for years to come!

A Message You Can Keep Forever.  How many of us would give anything to hear the voice of someone we love that has passed years ago? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear your college friends sing your school fight song together? How about a message from your grandparents on how to stay happily married? These are just some of the messages our brides and grooms have told us that they have treasured with the video they received from ShutterBooth.

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain.  There’s just something about that little moment in time that allows your friends and family to let their guard down and wish you well in the privacy of the booth.  Your on-site host will make sure the video is rolling and when the curtain closes the magic begins!

“We came home from our honeymoon and watched all the video messages from our ShutterBooth and it was AMAZING.  We laughed, we cried and we fell in love all over again. How blessed we are to have found such amazing friends and family, and what a treasure these messages are. We are going to watch to them every year on our anniversary and re-live our day.  Thank you for suggesting the video option, it’s worth EVERY PENNY”

~Jayme and Sam

Want to know more about our video message option?  We’d love to talk to you!  Contact us at (414) 255-3800.

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Get Social with ShutterShare


Social Media has rocked our worlds and changed the way we communicate.  When it comes to a wedding, sometimes loved ones or friends from around the world just can’t attend. But thanks to social media and ShutterShare, you can make them feel like they were right there with you on your special day.

Let’s face it, these days even grandma has a cell phone and knows how to text. With ShutterShare you can send fun photos via text message right to her. And if your grandma doesn’t text, well, you can go old school and either email the photos to her or print them out from the high-resolution digital files we include with every event package.

Each ShutterBooth is staffed with an on-site host to assist. Whether you choose our traditional closed booth or an open-air Pod or Kiosk they’ll help make sure everything runs smoothly. From making sure the prop box is stocked full of fun and outrageous props, to helping people share their photos, your host is there to make sure the party never stops.  They’ll keep the printer rolling handing out photos to you guests (no limit on how many!) and will make sure your keepsake memory book gets filled with great photos and loving, written sentiments from your guests.

It can be hard to miss those you love on a special day like a wedding. But with ShutterShare by ShutterBooth, you’ll be able to give them a little virtual hug from afar by sharing some great photos with them. For more information on our different booth options and ShutterShare, contact us at (414) 255-3800.

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ShutterBooth Milwaukee Offers Fully Customized Services For your Event!



No matter what kind of event you are having in Milwaukee (wedding, corporate event, birthday, family reunion) you want it to be stress-free and successful.  Everyone wants the guests to have a great time and make great memories, and that’s what ShutterBooth is all about.

Because no two events are alike, we work with you to totally customize your ShutterBooth experience:

Customize your Booth. Standalone booths, open-air booths, custom printed backdrops, green screen, Photo Pods, fisheye lenses, emojis and interactive GIF’s, need we say more?  We have so many options for you to choose from so that your event stands out from the crowd. We go the extra mile by helping you choose which options will work for the venue and space you are in.

Customize your Photo Prints. Each guest will leave with a beautiful printed photo of the fun, and you’ll have one to keep as well! Since you don’t want to limit the fun, we don’t limit the prints.  Guests can come in the booth as much as they want and ham it up and have fun. We offer both the traditional strip style prints or you can choose a full size 4×6 prints with a 4-up photo grid.

Customize your Logo and Colors. Each photo print can be customized with your event colors, logo, names and date.  We’ll custom create it for you, or if you have your own logo just send it to us and we’ll take care of the rest!

Customize your Memory Book. Choose from white paper, black paper and a variety of pen colors to match the aesthetic of your day. Your on-site host will take care of assembly and adding in the guest prints, making sure they leave you a note of well-wishes. You’ll leave with a memory of your day right away at the end of the evening.
Want to learn more about our customization options for your ShutterBooth? Call us at 414.255.3800.

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Shutterbooth’s Animated GIF’s Bring Motion to your Party


There’s nothing that will get a party rocking like our Animated GIF option for your Shutterbooth! The fun doesn’t have to stop just with photos, you can have fun and dynamic content to share.

Animated Overlays. Stars, bubbles, rainbows, and even more!

Photo Overlays.  Choose from hundreds of filters, frames, or even have a custom one designed for your event!

3D Animated GIF’s. Make that photo pop by adding in 3D technology that makes objects come alive as if they are coming right through the screen.

Green Screen. The options are endless here! Add in a scene from your favorite movie, a famous place such as the Eiffel Tower, a baseball field, we’ve got tons of great options or you can provide us with your own photo.

Animated Backgrounds. Make it jump off the screen even more with backgrounds that move right along with you.

Advanced Social Sharing. Text your funny GIFs to friends and family, or share on Facebook, Insta Twitter, or via email.

Prints. You can still kick it old school and get photos printed out as well!

Adding GIF’s into your Shutterbooth takes it to next-level fun at your wedding, corporate event or even at a family reunion.  We are Milwaukee’s number one photobooth for a reason; we know that a little motion is all you need to get the party going and make it an event that no one will forget. Contact us at (414) 255-3800 to learn more about the animated GIF options.

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Shutterbooth Helps Make Awesome Wedding Memories

When the big wedding day finally comes, after all that planning…it goes by in a blur. It’s hard to imagine after all those months of planning that in a few hours, the entire day has gone by.  Do you remember the scene in the series(using their finger cameras, complete with fake clicking noises) of each other during their wedding? It sounds cheesy, but it is good to take a minute to look around and soak it all in. Maybe it’s just a minute while you’re eating dinner and look out over the happy crowd, or while you look into each other’s eyes during your first dance. Taking that “mental picture” slows you down and helps you enjoy the moment.

Memories are what Shutterbooth is all about. Our entire company started on the premise that we can provide some of the best memories of the day for our clients with our services! For this reason, we include a Memory Book with all of our wedding services. This totally personalized Memory Book is yours to keep, chock-full of awesome photos and words of love for you to look through for years.  We help you every step of the way, and personalize it right down to the color of the pages, and even the color of the pens!

An on-site host means that you don’t have to worry about assembling the book, or making sure that people sign it.  When the party crowd comes out of the booth the host will print the photos, adhear them carefully to the pages and have your friends and family sign.  At the end of the night you’ll go home with awesome laugh-out-loud memories from the people you love most from your wedding.

Let us help you personalize your memories. Contact Shutterbooth at (414) 255-3800.

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5 Ways to Say Thank You to your Bridal Party

6 UNDERRATED wedding services (3)

Your besties, your bros, your friends for life. These are the people you chose with great care to be beside you on the day you marry, and they deserve the very best! If you’re wracking your mind trying to decide what you can do to say thank you for being there, here are some of our favorite gift ideas for maids and men:

Subscription to a “X of the Month” for a Year. Everyone has a “thing”. And there’s a subscription box for nearly everything under the sun!  You can get gourmet food items, makeup, perfume, comic books, dog lover boxes and even socks of the month. It’s also really fun to figure out what each person would like the best!

Experience Gifts. There’s nothing better than having fun together, and these are your favorite people to have fun with, right? Check local listings for group events like food tours, cooking classes, yoga classes, brewery tours (Milwaukee has just a few of those!) or whatever you think your friends would love.  Make a date and enjoy some fun that doesn’t revolve around wedding planning.

Sporting Events.  Bucks fans, Brewers fans, Marquette, UWM, heck, even Roller Derby!  No matter the season you can find a sporting event to go to as a group. Check with the box office to see if they offer group rates and for even more fun, have custom designed T shirts for everyone.

Book a ShutterBooth for your Wedding. A ShutterBooth is the perfect way to capture all the wacky faces, duck lips and poses of your bridal party that make you love them. We even have video options so they can leave you a heartfelt message of love for you that you’ll cherish forever. A ShutterBooth is the icing on the cake for your wedding, and can result in some treasured and hilarious photos for everyone.

Let ShutterBooth help put the party in Bridal Party!  (414) 255-3800.

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Lock in 2017 Prices Now For your Upcoming Milwaukee Event


The weather is just starting to heat up here in Milwaukee, but believe it or not the year is almost half over.  If you are planning an upcoming event in 2018 now is the time to lock in our 2017 pricing for your wedding, holiday party, corporate event or prom.

Check it Off the List. Planning any sort of large event is a big job with a lot of moving parts. If planning an event not something you’ve done a lot of you might be surprised at how overwhelming it is. The experts at planning all have the same advice; lock in the big stuff first, then move on to the details. By booking early it ensures that we have availability for your event (especially if it’s on a Saturday, our busiest booking day by far) and allows you to evaluate other services you need that may take more time to find.

Reduce the Stress:  We are Milwaukee’s premier photo booth company, with over 1000 events under our belts. When you hire us you’re not dealing with a company from out of town who doesn’t know the ropes. We have worked at all of Milwaukee’s major venues and are well respected in the community. We hire local hosts who know their stuff and know how to make sure your party gets off on the right foot.

Enjoy the Summer.  A Wisconsin summer is over in the blink of an eye. Don’t spend your days locked behind a computer when you could be enjoying time outdoors with family, festivals and food.  Lock in your dates now and get out there and enjoy yourself knowing your event is on our books for 2018.

Contact us to book your date at 414.255.3800

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Make the best memories with ShutterVideo!


If a picture says a thousand words, what would it mean to you to have your loved ones leave you a video message that you could watch again and again?  With our ShutterVideo option you can capture their loving, funny and heartfelt thoughts on the very day you have your event. Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion or granny’s 90th birthday, a ShutterVideo captures all the feels!

Watch as your college roommates sing your school fight song, have your favorite uncle’s voice preserved forever, and see your silly sisters throw kisses and disses in your personalized video clips that you will cherish forever.

And of course, this all comes with our famous Midwestern ShutterBooth customer service.  We’ll make sure everything is ready to go from the props to the lights so everything goes smoothly. Our on-site hosts are there to make sure that there are no issues with equipment and to help your guests choose the best options for their preferred video or photo experience.  Guests can leave as many messages as they like, and you’ll receive all the messages on a DVD for safe-keeping.

We love to help customize the ShutterBooth experience.  Give us a call and we can walk you through the different services we have and we can help you brainstorm on ways to delight your guests and to preserve those special memories forever. ShutterBooth Milwaukee is here to help you get the party started and to relive it for many years to come!

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Shutterbooth Props Help Bring the Party


Ever since the 16th Century, masquerade balls were an accepted place to live out the fantasy of being someone that you were not. Ladies in waiting dressed as aristocracy and Dukes danced with scullery maids.  The aura of being behind the mask made people bolder and brazen than they were in everyday life.

Fast forward to today, and the modern-day ball, a wedding!  One of the reasons we include props with your Shutterbooth is that it helps bring people out of their shell.  It can be intimidating to some people to go into a booth and have their photos taken. But if they have a funny hat, mustache on a stick or a blingy boa, suddenly they are transformed. It becomes a fun game, a party and it’s just that much easier to let loose and have fun.

We guarantee you’ll laugh out loud at some of the shenanigans you’ll see when you receive your Shutterbooth photos.  We hear it time and time again; “I can’t believe so-and-so wore that!”  What priceless memories to see even the shyest guests have a great time enjoying your day.  There’s nothing more gratifying than to find out that your honored guests had a great time at your wedding.

Let us help you throw the party to end all parties.  We are constantly adding to our props, and if you have a themed party we’d love to collaborate on some special props to make it even more fabulous. Give Shutterbooth a call at (414) 255-3800 and let’s get the party started!

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Through the Eye of the Shutterbooth Lens


When you are planning an event in Milwaukee, it seems like you spend countless hours on the details.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding, a corporate event or just a good old fashioned party, the devil is always in the details. You want each piece of the puzzle to fit together perfectly to make the event fun, memorable and the event people talk about for years to come. It’s quite a big job!

But what about on the night itself?  If you’re on the party planning committee or the center of attention like a bride at a wedding, you’ll find yourself not being able to be in all places at once.  Little vignettes of action and fun are likely taking place while you are in another room, on the dance floor or greeting your guests. It can seem at times like you are almost missing your own party!

This is where a Shutterbooth shines.  You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of parts of the day that fly by in a moment, captured forever in a photo.  That photo of Grandma in a goofy hat and a boa, hamming it up.  The photo of all your college roommates making a duck face in the camera for you to discover later. Through the eye of the Shutterbooth lens you’ll be able to discover gems from your day to treasure forever.

Shutterbooth is there to help your guests have a good time and to capture the hidden, delicious moments you miss.  And all of this comes with Shutterbooths professional Milwaukee-based staff to help guide you on the best booth, pod or backdrop to personalize the party. Give us a call, and let’s make some memories together!

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Shutterbooth is Milwaukee’s Most Professional Photo booth


When it comes to choosing entertainment for your event, you want great quality for a fair price (after all, this is the Midwest).  Shutterbooth has been leading the way in professionalism and quality for Milwaukee’s events with our top-of-the-line service and equipment.  Here’s just a few ways Shutterbooth ensures that you get the most for your money!

Set Up is Quick and Quiet. In fact, it’s likely you and your guests will never see the hosts set up the booth!  Whenever possible we prefer to be on site well before you and the guests arrive and have everything ready to go when the party gets started.

We Use Professional Grade Printers.  Our photos print out quickly, are clear and sharp and our friendly on-site host will make sure that the prints are coming out without any issues.  We also offer unlimited prints, so no skimping on who gets to take home a memory!

More Megapixels For your Mega Party.  We meticulously maintain our professional cameras and use full spectrum studio lighting in our booths. Your photos will be sharp and will look great.  No red eyes or garish flashes!

Touchscreen Simplicity.  Your guest can choose from a myriad of options on the easy to use touch screen before the photos are even taken. The on-site host is there to help and answer any questions along the way.

Shutterbooth is dedicated to making your event a success. Give us a call to reserve your professional Shutterbooth today! (414)255-3800

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Shutterbooth is your Milwaukee Event Specialist


With hundreds of events in our books, you could say we know a thing or two about how Milwaukee parties!  We’re passionate about fun and making sure you and your guests have a fantastic time no matter what event you are planning.  If you are planning a wedding, a corporate event, a gala, a bar or bat mitzvah or a class reunion, our booths fit right in and get the party started.   We’ve been to every kind of party you can think of in Milwaukee, and we’re ready for yours!

Shutterbooth is Milwaukee-proud and locally owned and have strong ties to the community. We employ local people who love Milwaukee and everyone on our team from the sales staff to the on-site host at Shutterbooth are here to help you have a great event.  You name the day, and Shutterbooth will bring the party.

The success of your event depends on planning and execution.  When the planning gets started it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the choices available.  Please feel free to contact us for referrals, ideas and inspiration for your event! We are happy to give you names of local vendors who also have a passion for events and do them week in and week out.  You are not in this alone!   We can walk you through the many options we have for our Shutterbooths from the traditional closed booth, greenscreen options, fisheye and more!  We believe that every event is better with a booth, and we’d love to help you find the perfect booth for yours.  Contact us today at (414) 255-3800

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No booth, No Backdrop, No Rules. Fisheye Shutterbooths Are Made For Fun!

Your Shutterbooth crew is always looking for fun and innovative ways to bring the party to your wedding or event, and the fisheye option is here in Milwaukee! With the fisheye, you don’t have to worry about back drops or back rounds, it works in every space. The fisheye Shutterbooth is small and portable, taking up just a small footprint at any event. You can use it even in the smallest of banquet rooms or offices, or even right on the edge of the dance floor.

No limit to the fun means no limit to the number of people you can have in the frame. We’ve seen groups of 35 crowd around the fisheye and it looks great! This wide-eyed view means that you can capture people in the foreground mugging for the camera and people dancing or partying in the background as well.   Go ahead, get up close and show us your fun and funky faces, the fisheye can handle it!

And as with all of our Shutterbooth rentals, we include props galore and on-site printing. Your guests can ham it up with props on a stick, hats, and fun and funky glasses and more. Each guest can get unlimited 4×6 prints right with your personalized logo on the side to take home to remember the fun. You’ll love how versatile the fisheye option is for your event. Contact us to find out more about the fisheye option and reserve Shutterbooth for your wedding or event entertainment today!

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Spring has sprung, book your Shutterbooth soon!


If you are planning a wedding or event in Milwaukee later this year you may think you have plenty of time to book your venue, caterer, and entertainment. After all, fall is months away, right? Yes and no. In the event industry, we are almost always working on a schedule that is 9-12 months ahead of the calendar. So, while you may be anticipating the warm days of summer to come, we’re already booking for holiday events and the New Year!

Shutterbooth is one of the hottest commodities in Milwaukee to make your party great. Because they are so much fun for people of all ages, they are in demand for prime dates (weekends and holidays) so you never can be too early to book. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the booths and give you advice on what booth would work the best for your event. After all, we are event specialists and we want to help make your day fabulous! Booking now ensures that you won’t be scrambling to find entertainment close to your event, which is always stressful.

After you book your Shutterbooth, we’ll be in touch a few weeks before your event to help planning the day. With Shutterbooth, you can leave the fun to us! We’ll help you choose just the right colors, logos and even props for your event. Our booths will be detailed and ready to go with a friendly host on the day of your event to make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. All you have to do is have fun and enjoy your event!
Our booking process is straightforward and stress-free. We’ll explain everything so you’ll feel great about checking another item off the “to-do” list for your event. To reserve your Shutterbooth, call us today!

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Milwaukee Shutterbooth For Your Wedding: Entertainment and a Party Gift!

When you get engaged it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the little details, and all the expense. It seems like overnight your budget grows, doubles and sometimes even triples. It can be disheartening to have to cut back on things that you wanted when you realize the overall expense of everything. That’s why people love that our Shutterbooths do double duty!
Our booths are the best entertainment value in town! You can choose from a variety of booths from our traditional closed booth or our open-air pods. There’s no additional charge to change backdrops, add special effects or to fully personalize your booth. Your guests will have a great time in the booth with our wide variety of props. There’s no limit to the fun, your friends and family can go in to the booth as many times as they want to ham it up!

Party Gift
Forget the wrapped Hershey Kisses, your guests will go home with their personalized photo from your wedding. Your Shutterbooth photo will be customized with your names, logos and even the specific color palette for your wedding. No need to share, everyone gets a copy and you also get the digital files to save. These gifts will be treasured keepsakes and bring back memories of how fun your wedding reception was.

If you’re looking for the very best bang for your buck for entertainment and a gift for your friends and family for your wedding look no further than Shutterbooth. Give us a call and we can go over all the personalization we offer on our booths for your wedding day.

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It’s All About Those Props; Your Milwaukee Shutterbooth


After thousands of events around Southeastern Wisconsin we can tell you that the best thing to get the party started at your wedding or event is a Photobooth. And the best way to get your guests into that Photobooth? Props.   Shutterbooth Milwaukee knows that the goofy mustaches-on-a-stick, those outrageous glasses, and yes, even those crazy hats are the icing on the cake that can get even the most camera-shy out of their chairs and into the booth. Once people see how much fun everyone is having, it’s just contagious!

We take care of it all

You don’t need to do a thing to have great props at your wedding or event that your guest will love. Our dedicated on-site host takes care of set up and tears down of all the props. Once back from an event, we inspect the props for any wear, sanitize and replace items as needed.

Seasonal items available

We update our props frequently as well and have the most fun, most up to date props available. Holiday themed props are always a hit and we also have a variety of signs and customizable props available as well. Have a special request? No problem! Let us know what you are looking for!

Leave it to Shutterbooth to bring on the fuzzy boas, the outsized glasses and the propeller hats! Your guests are going to have a blast at your event and you’re going to have the photos that prove it. For more information on the props we have available for your wedding and event contact us at clarice@shutterbooth.com or call 414.255.3800.

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Personalized photo printing is part of the Shutterbooth Wisconsin experience!

Logo Sample Placement photo booth milwaukee

If you’ve ever been in a photo booth, you know that half the fun is the strip of photos that you take home. We hear all the time from guests how they love the keepsake of the photos of all the fun at the wedding or event they attended. Did you know that Shutterbooth can personalize the photos that your guests take home in many ways?
Traditional Strip Photo: Probably the most well-known, the strip photo is a series of 4 fun photos stacked on top of each other in a slim strip with a personalized logo on top. Reminiscent of old time photo booths from the 1940’s the strip style is our most popular choice. We love that we hear that many of these photo memories adorn refrigerators and are pinned up in cubicles across Milwaukee reminding people of the great time they had at one of our events!

4×6 Gridded Photo: If you want a more traditional sized photo that can be easily framed, our 4×6 grid style is a great choice for you. The personalized logo can go either on the side of the photo or along the top for either a horizontal or vertical presentation with four photo frames to capture the fun.

4×6 or 5×7 Full Frame: Have an event where you want just one photo to take home as a memory? A full frame print is a great choice. Full frame prints are a perfect for more formal events such as proms or step and repeat backdrops and can be put into standard frame sizes once you are home.

Our on-site host ensures that the printers work flawlessly and that everyone gets a memory to take home as well as providing you with a copy of the photo. No matter which size print you choose you can be sure your guests are going to love taking home their Shutterbooth print to remember your event.

For more information on our print sizes or to discuss which size is right for your Milwaukee event, contact us at 414.255.3800 or clarice@shutterbooth.com.

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Reasons Why You’ll Treasure Shutterbooth’s Memory Books From Your Wedding


If you’ve had friends get married in the past few years no doubt you’ve heard them talk about how fast the day went. You spend months (and sometimes years!) planning your wedding and then in a blink of an eye it’s over. It’s natural for people to want to grasp on to those moments after the wedding to hold memories close, and in some cases there are parts of the day you never got to see!

This is exactly why we include Memory Books with all of our Shutterbooth Wedding experiences. We know these books filled with fun photos of your loved ones will be treasured for years to come! After your guests are done in the booth they will get copies of their photos to take home, and the hosts will put another copy in your memory book. Your guests will sign your book with personalized messages that you will treasure.

Your Memory Book is Unique

Our Memory Books are not generic! Because we know how hard you worked to tie a theme together for your wedding we have many options sfor your memory book to ensure that it is customized to your day. From the color of the paper inside to the pens used, we work with you to make sure it looks like you want it to. After all, this is going to be a Memory Book that lasts a lifetime!

Our On-Site Hosts Do the Work

Having on the on-site host is key to making a beautiful Memory book. They will assist your friends and family in picking out the photos, adhere them to the page and show them exactly where to write a message for you. At the end of the night you’ll have a book full of goofy, serious, AWESOME photos of all the people you love from your wedding reception, delivered to your hands. How amazing is that?

You Won’t Miss a Moment
Shutterbooth is sure you’ll be delighted and will laugh out loud when you see your finished Memory Book. We’ve heard from couples that took the book with them on their honeymoon because they loved it so much! Contact us today to chat more about our Photobooth services and to start personalizing your Memory Book.














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Why Shutterbooths are the perfect complement to your wedding photography

On your wedding day, you’ll no doubt be hiring many different vendors to help make your day perfect. For most couples, their wedding photographer will be with them longer than most of the vendors, capturing moments from the bride getting ready through the romantic first dance. Their job is to capture the look and feel of the day, focusing mostly on the bride and groom, their close family and wedding party. Of course, guests are part of that coverage, but most people would agree that the critical photos you want your wedding photographer to capture are those people that are closest to you. While you might have invited your parent’s co-workers to your wedding out of respect, you probably don’t want dozens of photos of them from your pro photographer. This is where having a Shutterbooth at your wedding really shines!

A Shutterbooth is the perfect solution to capture all the guests at your wedding

From camera-shy Aunt Mary to your new husband’s fraternity brothers, everyone has a chance to go into the booth and have their photo taken in a fun and low-pressure setting! There even may be guests that came late to your wedding that missed the ceremony but came for the reception. The booth means that they can take a moment to duck in and get a nice photo (or something a little more fun!) to commemorate them celebrating with you.

You get all the photos

There’s no editing of our photos, you get all the great photos your guests take over the course of the evening along with the digital files. This means that you can use your Shutterbooth photos to augment the entire story of the day. Along with your beautifully posed professional photos you’ll have candid photos to relive every moment, and maybe even some moments you missed!
Call us today to talk about our services. We have many kinds of booths and products to personalize your wedding day and capture all the memories.


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