Let’s Talk About Making Wedding Memories


Have you ever been to a wedding that was just awesome? Think for a minute what was remarkable about it? Was it the great food? The great location? The awesome dance party? The fun and an interactive photo booth?  Maybe it was a bit of all of these things! The fact is, weddings are made for making memories and ShutterBooth makes sure our booths is an experience that your guests won’t forget. Years later, we want them talking about how they can’t forget how much fun your wedding was.
How We Help Make Memories

We start with helping you fully customize your ShutterBooth experience.  We’ll help you pick the right booth for your venue, and help you choose from the different photo options we have. Then, we customize logos and colors for your photo prints, so your guests will go home with a personalized photo of your wedding.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

The cherry on top is our Memory Book. This book is personalized just for you!  We pick the perfect pagecolor, layout, and all the fine details right down to the matching pens. Your on-site host will make sure that the photos are beautifully laid out on the pages and will have people write you messages of well wishes and love for your life together. People tell us often that their Memory Book is one of the best gifts they received for their wedding.

At ShutterBooth, we’re all about happy memories. Let us help you plan a wedding you won’t forget and that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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2017 is Coming to an End, Book Your ShutterBooth Now


The nip of fall is definitely in the air, and the holidays are just screaming around the corner! If you’re planning any of these events for 2018, contact us now to lock in 2017 prices.

  • Family Reunions
  • Corporate Galas and Event
  • Quinceanera
  • Proms and Homecoming Dances
  • School Events
  • Weddings

Get in Early for Best Rates:  If your event is on a Saturday (our biggest booking day) then book us ASAP to make sure we are available for your day. Won’t it feel good to check entertainment off your list? We’ll help you plan a great event from start to finish with great service.  We are here to help you make your event a big success!

Hire the Best:  We are Milwaukee’s premier photo booth company, and we have worked in every venue you can think of. You’re not hiring a company from out of town who doesn’t know the venues, the facility staff or the catering staff. We love to keep it local!  We hire hosts from the Milwaukee area and train them up right, with great manners and good old-fashioned Midwestern values.

Wow Your Guests: your guests will have a blast in our booths.  We provide the props, the prints, and an on-site host to make sure everything goes smoothly.  They’ll go home with photos and you can bet they won’t stop talking about how much fun they had.

2018 dates are going quickly, so don’t delay! Contact us to book your date at 414.255.3800.

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ShutterBooth Can Help You Have the Perfect Corporate Holiday Party

holiday pics2

If you’ve suddenly found out that you’re the head of the “party planning committee” for an upcoming holiday party for the office, don’t freak out!  ShutterBooth has your back and we can help you rock that party with one of our fun and interactive photo booths.

First, give us a call and we’ll talk through the logistics of the party. As one of Milwaukee’s premier photo booth companies, we know how to help you plan. We’ll talk over the timing, the place the party is at and the logistics of the room. Then, we talk about the guests and go over the different options that we have. For a formal event, we can provide a sophisticated and elegant photo for each couple that is at the party that they can take home and frame. If the party is meant for people to get crazy and let their hair down, we can provide amazing greenscreen options, Fisheye booths, open concept booths, or traditional booths.
Once we work out the perfect solution for you, then all you must do is sit back and let us do the work to rock that party!  We’ll arrive before your guests and do a full set up, and then be ready to go when they walk in the door.  The booth will be staffed with one of our awesomely fun hosts, who will help everyone have a great time and make sure everyone goes home with a photo souvenir from the party.

Stop stressing about having to plan it yourself, ShutterBooth is ready to help you have a great time! Let us help you throw the perfect Milwaukee Holiday party.

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ShutterBooth Milwaukee; the Best Bet for your Wedding or Event


You may have heard this when you are flying: “We know you have other choices for travel, and we appreciate you choosing us”. The same holds true with Photo Booth Services. We know you have other choices here in Milwaukee, so we go the extra mile to be sure that our offerings are the best available. Whether you choose a traditional booth, and open booth or a pod, ShutterBooth make sure that you are thrilled with our customer service, your booth at the event, and the photos you and your guests take home!

Here are just a few ways we make sure your ShutterBooth experience amazing:

Great lighting. Great lighting makes for great photos. All our booths are equipped with dynamic lighting so that your photos are crisp and clear.

Great photo quality. We use professional camera equipment and printing so that every strip or print looks fantastic. We even provide professional graphics and logos that complement your color palette at no additional charge to totally personalize your photos.

Staffed booth. We don’t just show up, set up a booth and leave you to it. Our booths are staffed with a trained host who can be there to assist your guests, make sure the line is moving nicely and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise. Our hosts keep track of the props, help people choose their photos and make sure that your memory book is completed.

Don’t trust the success of your event on a company that doesn’t have a proven track record of excellence in Photo Booth Services. ShutterBooth is here to help you celebrate in style, and we know you’ll be glad you chose us!



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Time to Plan Your Holiday Parties With ShutterBooth


With cooler weather setting in here in Milwaukee, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays! Whether you are planning a corporate holiday party, a family get together or a winter-time wedding, ShutterBooth can help you create an event that will have them talking about your party into the new year.

Customized Entertainment for Your Party

The best part of a ShutterBooth is that you can customize our offerings to your party. This means that you can choose the options that your guest will love. We offer:

  • Traditional closed booths with a curtain for privacy
  • Backdrop options for a more open feel
  • Step and repeats
  • Customized backdrops
  • Freestanding Pod options
  • Green screens
  • Fisheye Lenses
  • Texting options for GIFs and photos
  • On-site printing
  • Props
  • On-site dedicated host

We’re here to make your party or holiday event the best it can be. Need help planning? No problem!  Give us a call and we’ll help you brainstorm on exactly the right booth for you.  We are Milwaukee’s photo booth event specialists and we can advise you on the right booth for the room or location you are having your party. Your successful party is our only goal!

To reserve your booth, contact us at (414) 255-3800. Don’t delay, as prime holiday dates go fast. Give us a call and check entertainment for your guests off your list, ShutterBooth has got you covered.

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A ShutterBooth Makes your Event Shine


One thing we are passionate about at ShutterBooth is our customer service. From your first point of contact, we want you to feel like we are on your team!  No matter how off-the-wall your question may seem, rest assured we are here to help and to troubleshoot any situation.

If you’re wondering how a booth vs. a pod will work for your venue, just ask!  We have worked in every Milwaukee venue you can think of and have great relationships with the catering managers and staff. If it’s a brand-new venue or a non-traditional venue we can ask just the right questions to help make sure you choose exactly the service that will entertain your guests.

Our personalized service also means that we go the extra mile to make sure your prints or digital files look great and have the perfect finishing touch to your corporate or wedding colors.  We can even assist with logo and monogram design and creation.  We want everything to be perfect. From the type of props we bring down to the memory book you take home at the end of the night, you’ll leave with great memories and great photos.

Part of our signature services is our on-site host. We’ll take care of all of the setups and tear down, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.  Our friendly hosts are there to make sure your ShutterBooth is running great, that your guests are receiving top-notch service and walking away with a fun photo and a smile.

Need help or advice on how a ShutterBooth can take your event from fun to amazing?  Give us a call at (414) 255-3800, and we’ll brainstorm with you!

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ShutterBooth Milwaukee is the Perfect Addition to your Wedding or Event!

Photo Booth Milwaukee ShutterBooth Rental

Planning an event is a big job. From a family reunion to a large-scale corporate event, people are counting it is a great time.  However, it can be difficult to juggle all the things you need to do to make the event a success. That’s where ShutterBooth can help!  Let us provide you with outstanding entertainment that your guests will be raving about for years to come.

From our first point of contact, you’ll be wowed by our customer service. We are as passionate about your event going well as you are.  Our dedicated team is here to help. With help from our designers, configuration specialists and on-site hosts will make sure that start to finish you have a team on your side.  We’ll help you pick the perfect booth for your event from our traditional booth, an open booth, A fisheye booth or even a greenscreen option.  No matter what you choose, you will have the best photobooth available in Milwaukee.

Your guests are going to love being able to choose from color, black and white or sepia prints and our high-quality on-site printing option. Everyone gets one to take as many copies as they want home! The fun doesn’t end when the event is over. We also we provide an online gallery so you can share the photos. Download, print, and share with friends and family or on social media

Our professional booths look great in any setting. We take care to set up early so everything looks great and is ready to go when guests arrive, and your on-site host makes sure everything keeps rolling all night. Let us help with your next event! Contact us, and we’re happy to personalize an event plan for you.  (414) 255-3800

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ShutterBooths Photos Are the Life of the Party


One of the best things about a ShutterBooth is that it provides the instant gratification of capturing the fun, but with a long-lasting photo to remember the fun in years to come. Let’s face it, Selfies get posted on Facebook and get forgotten about. With a printed photo, you can put it on your wall, on your mirror or your refrigerator and admire those smiling faces for years to come.

Better Quality Photos
We use high-quality inks and printers to make sure your prints are sharp and clear and look great. But don’t worry, we still give you all the high-resolution digital files too!

Good Lighting
Any photographer will tell you that it’s the lighting that makes the difference between a good photo and a bad one. In a dark venue, it can be difficult to get good photos without professional equipment. Our ShutterBooths have all the right lighting and backgrounds to make the pictures look great.

Plenty of Props
We provide all props, so you don’t have to worry! Hats, silly glasses, mustaches-on-a-stick, we’ve got it all to get the people in the booth and hamming it up.

Have a Party in the Booth
Just the sight of the ShutterBooth makes people excited to get in there and take some fun photos for you! And unlike a selfie, you can get a lot of people in a ShutterBooth!  We even have a Fish-eye booth if you want to extend the fun (and the view!)


Want more information on how a ShutterBooth can bring the fun to your Milwaukee event? Contact us at (414) 255-3800.

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You Don’t Have to Choose Between Photo and Video with ShutterBooth!



When you’re planning an event in Milwaukee, you’re no doubt working with a budget. Whether it’s planning a corporate event, wedding or big birthday bash you want your event to be the best it can be without breaking the bank. Good news!  ShutterBooth offers photo and video options in our booths!

We know that planning an event is a lot of work and has a lot of moving pieces. Making sure everything goes smoothly and that everyone has a great time is your number one priority.  Our number one priority is making sure that other than hiring us, you don’t have to lift a finger. From our first point of contact to the end of the event we make sure that you will have excellent entertainment for your guests with our sleek and updated booths.
We will help you totally customize your booth, from specialized monograms and colors to match your theme to animated gifs, greenscreens, and video. We arrive on site, on time and set up before your guests arrive and are ready to go when the party starts.

During your event, a dedicated on-site host makes sure that the props are stocked, that people are gathering their fun photo prints and that the camera is rolling. You won’t have to worry about a thing, and you can concentrate on hosting and enjoying.  

Want to know more about our video message option?  We’d love to talk to you!  Contact us at (414) 255-3800.

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ShutterBooth and Social Share Means Everyone Gets in on the Fun


These days most everyone you know and love is on social media. It allows friends and family who live far away to keep up on what’s new in your life, and it’s a great way to share photos of the important events in your life. If you’re planning a wedding or event in Milwaukee, you’re going to love hearing about our ShutterBooth Social Share!

When you plan a wedding, there’s going to be people who just can’t attend. Wouldn’t it be great to know your aunt who lives across the country was able to enjoy photos from your day? Thanks to Social Share, you can make sure they get to see the best photos from your day quickly. No waiting for the professional photos to be done, you can text photos live from the event, or upload them to Facebook!

And if you want to send prints to people as a keepsake, our on-site host will make sure the printer is stocked, locked and loaded with as many copies as you want. Have a few extra printed and slip them in your thank-you notes! Share your high-resolution digital files with people so they can make their own prints! Isn’t it great how you can share the fun with people who you love?

You can choose from a variety of booths including a traditional closed booth, an open-air Pod, and even greenscreen options. All the ShutterBooths come with Social Share as well as a keepsake memory book that your guests will sign. Not sure which one is right for your wedding? Contact us, we’ve worked at every major Milwaukee venue and we can help.

Isn’t it great to know that even people who just can’t be there in person can help you celebrate through social media? For more information on our different booth options and ShutterShare, contact us at (414) 255-3800.

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Every Special Occasion Should Be Celebrated with Photos!


Most people cite photos or photo albums as the thing they would carry out of a burning house because memories of loved ones are precious to us.  We all have photos that mean the world to us from various events in our lives, and that’s exactly what ShutterBooth brings to your event! What better way to celebrate your event, gala, wedding or family reunion with a ShutterBooth?

Grab a bunch of your college besties and get a photo, ham it up with your BFF since you were 4, steal a kiss on grandpa’s cheek as the shutter clicks! All the fun photos will be yours to keep after the event. You can show them off on social media, text them to friends and family who are far away and keep the party going in your mind and heart.

Don’t rely on friends and relatives to share their photos; they are there to celebrate with you! Our beautifully crafted booths look great and have the most advanced digital technology available to make sure that the lighting and back ground is perfect for photos. Our booths are staffed with friendly hosts who do all the setup and tear down. During the event, they are there to help your guests with props, choosing the type of photo print they want and making sure everyone is having a fabulous time. You don’t have to worry about a thing! ShutterBooth takes care of it all, and all you have to do is take home the memories!
Contact ShutterBooth for your next event in Milwaukee at (414) 255-3800.

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Is a ShutterBooth Right for your Event or Party?


Whether you’re a bride, a first-time party-planner or an experienced event coordinator, you have the same shared goal; you want the guests to have an amazing time at your event. ShutterBooth has been bringing the fun to Milwaukee area weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events and backyard celebrations for over ten years! No matter how big or how small your event is, a ShutterBooth will make it more successful.  Why?

You Want Guests to Socialize. Have you ever been to a party where you didn’t know anyone but the host and then ended up having a blast? There’s no better feeling than making new friends and introducing your friends to other people. A ShutterBooth helps break the ice!

You Want Guests to Remember. Some of our clients tell us that years later people are still talking about how fun their event was, and have the photos to prove it! No matter what kind of booth you rent from us, your guests can go home with a personalized photo that they will love to show off. We also include digital files from your event so you can share on social media sites and make additional copies for yourself or friend or family.

Still unsure if a ShutterBooth is a right fit?  Contact us, and we can help!  Our friendly staff is always here to help you.  We have worked at all the major venues here in Milwaukee, and we want to help make sure your event is a great success. Don’t delay in contacting us, as prime week end dates tend to book out fast!  Call ShutterBooth at (414) 255-3800.

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ShutterBooth Rental in Milwaukee Provides you and your Guests with Lasting Memories

Think for a moment about all the diverse groups you will have at your wedding reception.  If you’re like most Milwaukee couples, you’ll have a broad range of friends and family at your wedding. Friends from grade school, high school, college. Family from Milwaukee, Chicago and beyond! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors. What’s the one thing that’s sure to get them all involved and having a great time at your wedding reception?  A ShutterBooth!

A ShutterBooth is a perfect solution to getting people together and having a great time at your wedding. If people are tired of dancing, then they can pop into the booth and ham it up, leaving you with a great photo memory and them with a fun print to take home. Our on-site printing means that everyone gets a photo to share, and you’ll get a beautiful memory book at the end of the evening chock-full of fun photos from your reception.  We’ve even had couples tell us they loved their memory book so much they took it on their honeymoon!

Depending on your venue or needs, we offer both the traditional booth as well as our newly updated open booth “Pod” as well as green screen options, GIF options and the ability to text right from your reception. Not sure which would be best? Contact us today, and we’re happy to chat with you about your day and give you some advice!  We think you’ll agree that a photo booth is a perfect solution for capturing photo memories of everyone who attends your wedding reception.  Contact us now to book, dates are filling fast!

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ShutterBooth is Perfect for Everyone at your Party or Event

Are you planning a wedding, class reunion, gala, or corporate event?  If you want to please everyone at the party, then a ShutterBooth is the perfect answer! Our booths provide tons of fun for everyone from the littlest guests to the guest of honor to the elders.  Our booths are designed to accommodate lots of people of all shapes and sizes. We’ve eliminated seating in the booths which gives so much more room than traditional booths making our booths easy to get in and out of. Our booths are walker and wheelchair friendly!

Our many options for customizing mean that your guests go home with a treasured photo keepsake of your day, and can share the photos digitally via social media.  From our carefully chosen back rounds and props to the beautiful photo guest book you take home, we take pride in helping your event be a success for you and a great party for your guests.

At ShutterBooth we’re always looking for ways to grow and innovate your experience. From green screen technology. Fisheye lenses, animated GIF’s and fun props and stickers, to creating interactive ShutterBooth remains at the forefront of the photo booth experience. Our booths are always staffed with friendly and knowledgeable hosts to assist your guests to show them how to get the most out of their ShutterBooth experience.

If you are planning any event in the Milwaukee area, contact us to see how a ShutterBooth will amaze and delight everyone at (414) 255-3800.

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Cast Your Net Wide for Some Fisheye Fun!

Want something really cool and unusual at your wedding or event? Check out ShutterBooths’ Fisheye Fun! Forget about backdrops and worrying about where the booth will be, the fisheye has a small footprint and can work anywhere. Narrow hallway? Not a problem. Edge of the dance floor? You bet.  The 180-degree view of the fisheye means that everyone will be in the photo!
If you’ve got big groups and want everyone in the frame, the fisheye is the way to go. Get people in the front mugging for the camera while people in the back dance their hearts out. It’s the perfect way to get a really good photo of the party from front to back. You won’t miss a thing with our fisheye and you’ll love how unobtrusive it is!

And of course, the fisheye comes with ShutterBooths guarantee of fun, props galore and on-site printing. You’ll be able to share unlimited prints, text your photos to friends and family from the event to make them jealous and also get all the digital files from the day to share on any social media site after the party.  You’ll love how fresh and funky the Fisheye is, and your guests will too. Contact us to find out more about the fisheye option and reserve your ShutterBooth today!

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Green Screens Can Move the Party to any Location

Are you looking for an experience that will wow your guests and have them telling all their friends how awesome your event was? Add in our green screen option!  With just a push of a button you can instantly change the background to a tropical beach, an exotic location or a well-known tourist attraction (Vegas, anyone?) We’ll work with you to really wow your guests!

Choose from our hundreds of available backdrops, or if you have a photo you want us to incorporate in the booth, we can add that as well. Great for birthday parties, corporate step and repeats, and even for weddings. Along with the backdropsyou choose we can also customize logos or designs on the prints that your guests take home with them from your memorable event. Each guest will leave with a keepsake print and they can go in the booth as many times as they like!

We guarantee of ShutterBooths outstanding customer service from the moment you give us a call.  With on-site dedicated designers, the friendliest photo booth hosts in Milwaukee, and on-site printing we’ll take care of it all.  Each booth is professional and discreetly set up before your guests arrive so all you have to do is enjoy the party and the compliments you will get for hosting a great party.

If you are having an event in Milwaukee we’d love to give you more detailed information on our green screen ShutterBooth rental for your next wedding, party or corporate event!  Simply contact us or give us a call at (414) 255-3800.

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Why ShutterBooths are a Great Addition to your Wedding Day


When planning a wedding, you’ll be hiring various vendors to help you with the ins and outs of a wedding ceremony and reception.  For most couples, a professional photographer is a must!  They help capture all the special moments from the getting ready through the reception. Some people mistakenly think that they don’t need a ShutterBooth at their wedding reception because they already have a photographer there. However, a ShutterBooth is not a replacement for your photographer, it’s a complement to their services. Why?

The Photographer Focuses on The Bride and Groom: A professional photographer is hired to capture the special moments between a bride and groom and their close family. While everyone at a wedding is important to the couple, they may not be represented in the professional photos.  A ShutterBooth on site means that everyone can come in during your open booth time to take fun and crazy photos for the bride and groom.

You Get All the Photos! Every fun photo, every crazy out-take. We deliver not only a printed photo for the guests, you get them in your personalized memory bookas well as all the digital files.

Camera Shy Guests Come Out to Play. People can’t resist the fun. Crazy props, video options, texting options, ShutterBooth has it all. Even the people you never thought would go in the booth will be in there!

The Best of Both Worlds. Beautiful professional photographs and fun and candid photos of your guests in your ShutterBooth. What more could you want?

Call us today to talk about our services. We have many kinds of booths and products to personalize your wedding day and capture all the memories.

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ShutterBooth Offers a Variety of Personalized Photo Printing Options


Did you know that ShutterBooth offers a variety of printed photo options for our booths?  Whether you are hosting a corporate event, a gala or a wedding we’ve got the perfect print for you and your guests!

4-Up Strip Photo: Slim in design, the strip photo is our most popular choice and features three photos stacked on top of each other with a personalized logo created by the ShutterBooth team. If you already have a company logo or graphic we can incorporate that on your photo, just send it over to us!

4×6 Grid Photo: This is a great choice if you want a photo that has traditional dimensions. Four different photos appear in quarters, and we also create a personalized logo for you on the top or side.

5×7 or 4×6 Full Frame: Full frame prints are a popular choice for events where you want to give out photos of groups of people such as proms, golf outings, and corporate events. They can then be placed in frames or photo folders and can also have logos placed on them.

ShutterBooth always provides and on-site host to make sure everything runs smoothly with your booth. They can monitor printing, make sure guests are happy and make sure that everyone leaves with a photo memory!

For more information on our print sizes or to discuss which size is right for your Milwaukee event, contact us at 414.255.3800 or clarice@shutterbooth.com.

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Why Wedding Guests Think ShutterBooths are AWESOME!


If you’ve wondered if it’s really worth it to have a ShutterBooth at your wedding then read on and hear what some guests this year havesaid about our ShutterBooth services at weddings they attended:
“I love that I can take home a lasting memory!” Katie, guest at Kyle and Lacie’s wedding

Instead of flavors they will forget on the table or food that they eat and forget, a photo print from your wedding is something your guests will treasure. They’ll put it in a frame, in a scrapbook, on their refrigerator!

I was a little leery about going in the booth at first, but I could see that everyone was having a blast and everything was moving so smoothly that I just grabbed funny hat and went for it. It made the night SO MUCH FUN!  I’m not a big dancer so if the ShutterBooth wasn’t there I probably would have left early. Instead, I have a bunch of awesome photos with a bunch of my best friends!”  Amanda, guest at Brandon and Samantha’s wedding.

No matter how big or how small your wedding is, it’s great to have something to help break the ice and get them socializing and having fun.  A ShutterBooth is the perfect thing! Give them a reason to stay and party!

“I can’t believe it, even my mom got in the ShutterBooth! We had so much fun taking goofy family photos, we’re going to send them in our Christmas Card!”  Alyssa, Maid of Honor at Jon and Madison’s wedding.

Camera-shy? You don’t have to be with the ShutterBooth.  Once the curtain closes, the fun starts!  Grab a few friends and make some memories. ShutterBooths are for all ages!
Want to know more about our photo booths for your upcoming wedding in Milwaukee? Contact us at 414-255-3800 or fill out our online inquiry for more detailed information and pricing

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A Perfect Marriage: ShutterBooth offers Photos and Video

Untitled design (2)

ShutterBooth has the perfect combination to make your wedding reception a blast: our photo and video booth!  Not only will your guests go home with a fun photo from your day, they’ll have the opportunity to leave you a video message. Imagine being able to re-live the day with funny and heartfelt messages from your friends and family for years to come!

A Message You Can Keep Forever.  How many of us would give anything to hear the voice of someone we love that has passed years ago? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear your college friends sing your school fight song together? How about a message from your grandparents on how to stay happily married? These are just some of the messages our brides and grooms have told us that they have treasured with the video they received from ShutterBooth.

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain.  There’s just something about that little moment in time that allows your friends and family to let their guard down and wish you well in the privacy of the booth.  Your on-site host will make sure the video is rolling and when the curtain closes the magic begins!

“We came home from our honeymoon and watched all the video messages from our ShutterBooth and it was AMAZING.  We laughed, we cried and we fell in love all over again. How blessed we are to have found such amazing friends and family, and what a treasure these messages are. We are going to watch to them every year on our anniversary and re-live our day.  Thank you for suggesting the video option, it’s worth EVERY PENNY”

~Jayme and Sam

Want to know more about our video message option?  We’d love to talk to you!  Contact us at (414) 255-3800.

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