Cast Your Net Wide for Some Fisheye Fun!


Want something really cool and unusual at your wedding or event? Check out ShutterBooths’ Fisheye Fun! Forget about backdrops and worrying about where the booth will be, the fisheye has a small footprint and can work anywhere. Narrow hallway? Not a problem. Edge of the dance floor? You bet.  The 180-degree view of the fisheye means that everyone will be in the photo!
If you’ve got big groups and want everyone in the frame, the fisheye is the way to go. Get people in the front mugging for the camera while people in the back dance their hearts out. It’s the perfect way to get a really good photo of the party from front to back. You won’t miss a thing with our fisheye and you’ll love how unobtrusive it is!

And of course, the fisheye comes with ShutterBooths guarantee of fun, props galore and on-site printing. You’ll be able to share unlimited prints, text your photos to friends and family from the event to make them jealous and also get all the digital files from the day to share on any social media site after the party.  You’ll love how fresh and funky the Fisheye is, and your guests will too. Contact us to find out more about the fisheye option and reserve your ShutterBooth today!