Shutterbooth Props Help Bring the Party


Ever since the 16th Century, masquerade balls were an accepted place to live out the fantasy of being someone that you were not. Ladies in waiting dressed as aristocracy and Dukes danced with scullery maids.  The aura of being behind the mask made people bolder and brazen than they were in everyday life.

Fast forward to today, and the modern-day ball, a wedding!  One of the reasons we include props with your Shutterbooth is that it helps bring people out of their shell.  It can be intimidating to some people to go into a booth and have their photos taken. But if they have a funny hat, mustache on a stick or a blingy boa, suddenly they are transformed. It becomes a fun game, a party and it’s just that much easier to let loose and have fun.

We guarantee you’ll laugh out loud at some of the shenanigans you’ll see when you receive your Shutterbooth photos.  We hear it time and time again; “I can’t believe so-and-so wore that!”  What priceless memories to see even the shyest guests have a great time enjoying your day.  There’s nothing more gratifying than to find out that your honored guests had a great time at your wedding.

Let us help you throw the party to end all parties.  We are constantly adding to our props, and if you have a themed party we’d love to collaborate on some special props to make it even more fabulous. Give Shutterbooth a call at (414) 255-3800 and let’s get the party started!