Strike a pose! 4 reasons guests love a photo booth at a Milwaukee wedding.


If you’ve given thought to having a photo booth at your wedding but wondered if your guests would really use it. The answer is an emphatical YES!  Here are 4 reasons why Milwaukee wedding guests love a photo booth.

They can take home a lasting memory

Instead of chocolate that they will eat, your guests can take home a photo print that they can see every day.  They can share the photos online, put them on their fridge or even frame them! You’ll have a copy of the photo in your memory book along with their well wishes. It’s a lasting memory for everyone, with a lot less calories.

A Photo booth helps get the party started

No matter the size of your wedding it’s helpful to have something to break the ice. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 guests or 500 it’s nice to have a reason to get people interacting with each other. Your bridal party will go in the booth and do wacky photos, parents and kids can do a fun family photo, and you’ll be delighted that even the shyest relatives will come out of their shells when they catch the Shutterbooth bug! Couples who are all dressed up love the chance to get a photo together too.

A photo booth brings life to your party

Make your party stand out!  Photo booths attract people because they are fun. The experience is novel and people will talk about the fun they had at your reception for years to come. Let’s face it, everyone has seen a band or a DJ at a wedding, a photo booth is a unique experience for your guests. Our hosts make sure everything runs smoothly so you never have to worry about your guests having fun.

Great for capturing all your guests

Even your most camera-shy guests will love the photo booth.  People act differently when they know there is nobody behind the screen taking their photo.  They’ll find themselves having a great time, striking poses and goofing around!  While your photographer concentrates on the story of the couple, the photo booth is capturing the true party of your guest’s time at your wedding!

Want to know more about our photo booths for your upcoming 2017 wedding in Milwaukee? Contact us at 414-255-3800 or fill out our online inquiry for more detailed information and pricing.  Let’s get the party started!