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ShutterBooth Detroit


DATE:September 28, 2014 CLIENTS:Lindsay Sarkisian & Victor KrcajSHUTTERBOOTH EXPERIENCE:Traditional ShutterBooth, 4×6 grid style prints with custom logo, ShutterVideo, Premium Keepsake Portfolio with custom designed pages

Lindsay Sarkisian and Viktor Krcaj were planning a wedding reception for nearly 700 guests. After speaking with the ShutterBooth team, Lindsay felt confident that a customized ShutterBooth experience would not only provide fun, interactive entertainment for her guests, but also deliver the service in a way that would remain stress-free for the couple.

“Over eight years, we’ve developed systems and processes that ensure success on event day,” says ShutterBooth owner Sara Robins. “Our salespeople, Event Team and hosts collaborate closely to make certain that all details are covered. Checklists, onsite backup equipment and ample set up time help us deliver a smooth, high quality service each time.”Lindsay and Viktor explained their goals to the ShutterBooth Sales and Event Teams and emphasized several key items: proper management of the large crowd, scheduling booth time around speeches and dinner, unique looking prints/memory book and a desire to capture video messages. “We take great pride in our range of options,” says Sales Manager, Jenny Robins. “We can customize everything to the couple’s exact specifications, which is fun, because it allows every ShutterBooth experience to be unique.”

Lindsay and Victor wanted to capture as many memories as possible, while not distracting from important moments such as dinner, speeches, cake cutting or the first dance. As a result, ShutterBooth

opened during the cocktail hour, closed for two hours during dinner (offered as Idle Time) and then reopened for the remainder of the reception. To accommodate the number of guests properly, ShutterBooth also provided two full-time hosts for the event at no extra cost. One host focused primarily on assisting guests with the booth, which produced 4×6 GridLogo prints, including a custom logo created by the couple and ShutterBooth’s graphic designer. Guests posed with elegant, custom props (such as white, gold and silver picture frames selected by the couple) and enjoyed unlimited reprints, produced immediately. The second host focused on the premium Keepsake Portfolio, a memory book containing both custom pages (designed to match the “look and feel” of the custom logo) and a copy of every shot taken in the booth. Guests left messages of love and encouragement in the booth next to their pictures and the host presented the keepsake portfolio to the couple at the end of the evening.

The couple also included ShutterVideo as a way to capture personalized well wishes from their guests and provide some fun interactivity. Within the booth, guests had fun with traditional pictures and then took time to leave kind and often humorous video messages for the bride and groom. Following the event, ShutterBooth delivered two DVDs: a copy of every high-resolution image captured at the wedding and an edited compilation of the video messages. Both will serve as a fond reminder of this happy and elegant evening for many years to come.