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DATE:February 6-8, 2015 CLIENTS:Tejaswi Paruchuri, Meridian Health PlanSHUTTERBOOTH EXPERIENCE:ShutterPod, Capture by ShutterBooth, 4×6 single shot prints with watermarkCLICK HERE TO VIEW THE HASHTAG REPORT

Meridian Health Plan is a physician-owned, physician-operated group of health plans and related companies. Its stated mission is “to continuously improve the quality of care in a low resource environment.” Meridian Health Plan is Michigan’s largest Medicaid HMO, providing health care to Medicaid enrollees through a contract with the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Held annually, the Meridian Winter Blast is a unique combination of hip and fun winter events centered on Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit. Nearly 100,000 guests attend over three days. The event offers a massive snow slide, ice sculpting, and a zip line adventure, in addition to live music, food and a “snowtorious” pub crawl. As the event’s major sponsor, Meridian aims to interact with as many people as possible, educating guests about its services and boosting its brand both in person and online. Having enjoyed a traditional ShutterBooth at Meridian’s recent holiday party, Tejaswi Paruchuri, Meridian’s Manager of Communications, thought of ShutterBooth as a way to add some interactive guest fun. She initially had no idea that ShutterBooth’s new Capture software offered such a powerful range of marketing capabilities.

“It’s extremely gratifying to serve a repeat client,” says ShutterBooth owner Mike Robins. “But it’s even better when we can offer a customized, different experience based on the needs of the new event. As soon as I heard about the Winter Blast, I knew that the client would be interested in everything Capture had to offer.”

With only a few weeks’ notice, ShutterBooth’s Sales and Event Teams quickly leapt into action. They collaborated with Tejaswi to identify her vision for the event, which included two critical goals: allow guests to have fun and capture memories at the Meridian expo space (using ShutterPod) and promote Meridian’s custom hashtag for the event (Capture by ShutterBooth). The ShutterTeam offered numerous customizable options and captured all of the relevant data to ensure event success (start/end times, floor plans, expected number of guests, social media requirements, etc.).

Featuring a smaller footprint than the traditional ShutterBooth, ShutterPod offered guests unlimited pictures and reprints for a combined 34 hours across three days. All prints featured a single-shot, 4×6 custom layout, incorporating Meridian’s event logo. Meridian placed the Pod at the end of their expo space, encouraging guests to linger longer, which allowed Meridian staff additional time for conversations with more guests. In addition, Capture by ShutterBooth allowed greater interactivity than a traditional booth, enabling guests to “draw” on their pics graffiti-style and to add a wide variety of fun, digital props. Most important, guests immediately shared their pics to Facebook, Twitter, email and text from the Pod. Each social share embedded Meridian’s custom hashtag (#MeridianWinterBlast) and language created by Meridian specifically for the event. Both promoted Meridian’s brand in a fun way, while also boosting awareness of the event itself.

ShutterBooth monitored online traffic pre- and post-event, delivering a social media report to Meridian several days later. Analytics included guest demographic info, sites most frequently posting about the event and numbers on the hashtag’s online progress. For example, ShutterBooth tracked 977,458 impressions of #MeridianWinterBlast over six days.

“I’m excited by the marketing functionality offered by Capture,” says Mike Robins. “Detroit is on the rebound and the Meridian Winter Blast is one of the coolest indicating events downtown. We were honored to help this amazing client offer fun to so many people, while also promoting its business and services in a 21st century way. It’s a win for the guests, a win for Meridian and a win for Detroit. We can’t wait until next year!”