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DIFFA Dining by Design

ShutterBooth Detroit


DATE:September 26, 2013 CLIENTS:Jon Fayas, Marketing Manager, Patron Spirits CompanySHUTTERBOOTH EXPERIENCE:Open by ShutterBooth, single 5×7 photo prints with corporate watermark, ShutterShare

Each year, the Patron Spirits Company sponsors DIFFA Detroit’s Dining by Design event. DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) is one of the country’s largest supporters of direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS and preventive education for those at risk. Merging care and commerce, supporters of DIFFA come from all fields of fine design and the visual arts, including: architecture, fashion design, interior design, photography, and consumer produce design. The annual fundraiser features elaborate displays from a wide variety of vendors and Patron supplies the signature cocktails. Just a few days before the event, Jon Fayad, Marketing Manager of Patron Spirits Company, decided to add an interactive element to their presence. He had very specific requirements for capturing guest photos and time was not on his side. ShutterBooth offered a highly customized solution on a tight deadline.

“We love the challenge of a short timeline,” says ShutterBooth owner Sara Robins, “particularly when a client wants to do something a little different from other corporate events. Jon knew exactly what he wanted and relied on us to customize the ShutterBooth experience exactly to Patron’s needs.”

ShutterBooth’s Sales and Event Teams quickly leapt into action. They collaborated with Jon to identify his vision for the event, offered numerous customizable options before finalizing decisions and captured all of the relevant data to ensure event success (start/end times,

floor plan, expected number of guests, social media requirements, etc.). Patron selected Open by ShutterBooth, whereby guests take photos in the open air standing by a customized backdrop. Patron chose shots against a stark white setting, adorned by a red carpet and ropes. To achieve a memorable finish, the client offered single 5×7 shots in black-and-white only, featuring the famous Patron logo in the upper right-hand corner. Guests loved the red carpet experience and enjoyed unlimited reprints of their favorite shots, produced immediately. Speedy printing kept the large number of guests moving through the space quickly. To promote the evening’s cause further, Patron also added Shutter and Share, which allowed guests to e-mail photos to themselves and post them to Facebook immediately from the booth. Word spread quickly throughout the event on social media and increased traffic to the space. At the same time, ShutterBooth captured the guests’ contact info so that Patron could follow up post-event with additional information on their products and services.

With its wide range of service options and proven event planning process, ShutterBooth offered Patron the flexibility and efficiency required to achieve a highly successful experience. As Sara says, “We were proud to be a part of the DIFFA event, not only because it offered us an opportunity to partner with a company as prominent at Patron, but also because it gave us the chance to contribute to such a worthy cause”.