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ShutterBooth Detroit


DATE:May 18, 2013 CLIENTS:Kelly Cindrich & Giovanni AluiaSHUTTERBOOTH EXPERIENCE:Traditional ShutterBooth & Open by ShutterBooth with custom backdrop, photo strip prints with custom logo, and 4×6 single photo prints with custom logo, classic memory book

Kelly Cindrich and Giovanni Aluia were planning a fun and elegant wedding reception for 600 guests, a party they hoped would reflect both their Italian and Croatian heritages. For such a beautiful event they wanted to capture as many memories as possible of family and loved ones. After speaking with the ShutterBooth team, the couple couldn’t decide if they wanted to include a traditional ShutterBooth or OPEN by ShutterBooth – so, they chose to include both!

“Customized appropriately, a ShutterBooth experience can offer so much more than fun photos,” says ShutterBooth owner Sara Robins. “We work closely with clients to weave our services into the fabric of their event. We always offer fun, interactive entertainment for guests, but we can also help clients organize an efficient receiving line, create a memorable guest book or offer a unique favor.”

ShutterBooth brought two booths to the reception, each staffed with a full-time host. Kelly and Giovanni hoped to greet guests as soon as possible and offered a special variation on the traditional receiving line. As guests entered the reception, OPEN by ShutterBooth offered guests a chance to walk the red carpet (literally) and step up for photos in front of a custom backdrop, decorated with custom logos created by the bride and groom with ShutterBooth’s graphic designer. This step-and-repeat experience replicated that of a Hollywood premiere and provided fun entertainment as guests waited to greet Kelly

and Giovanni. Everyone enjoyed unlimited 4×6 single shot prints, including a custom logo, which were then placed in frames to serve as the event’s party favor. OPEN by ShutterBooth operated for 90 minutes, after which the couple took advantage of an Idle Hour as guests sat down for dinner and toasts.

Following dinner, the traditional ShutterBooth snapped into action. Guests again enjoyed unlimited photo sessions and reprints, this time with StripLogo prints featuring the couple’s custom logo on the bottom. The hosts placed one copy of each strip into an elegant memory book and strongly encouraged guests to leave messages of love and encouragement for the happy couple. As usual, the photos became sillier as the night continued, creating an instant keepsake for the couple of their amazingevening. The hosts delivered the finished memory book to the couple, so that they could take it withthem on the honeymoon. Within one week, ShutterBooth also provided a DVD of all event images to the couple, so that they may always cherish the unique experience they created.

“It’s always tremendous fun to work with clients who want to try something different,” says ShutterBooth owner Sara Robins. “We were so pleased to become such an integral part of Kelly and Giovanni’s wedding and it’s gratifying to know that you have contributed something memorable to the biggest day of their lives.”