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DATE:June-August 2013 CLIENTS:Lisa Smigel, Blue Care Network of Michigan
UniversitySHUTTERBOOTH EXPERIENCE:Traditional ShutterBooth, photo strip prints with custom corporate logo, ShutterVideo

Blue Care Network of Michigan (BCN) is the largest healthcare provider in the state. Nearly 30,000 doctors and 160 hospitals work with BCN. An organization with such great responsibility requires an equally great and talented staff. Lisa Smigel, Culture and Service Improvement Project Manager with BCN, was selected to organize and manage BCN’s employee appreciation event. Titled “It Takes U,” the multi-day event (six celebrations in six offices on six different days) strove both to celebrate the previous year’s accomplishments and identify new annual goals. In addition to offering a barbecue lunch served by upper level management, Lisa hoped to provide some interactive entertainment. ShutterBooth offered a powerful solution that included both pictures and video.

“We were excited to offer our services for such a large, important organization,” says ShutterBooth owner Mike Robins. “Nearly everyone in Michigan is familiar with BCN, so we were flattered to be selected. It was fun to provide entertainment for the employees, while also helping management capture individual performance goals in a unique way.”

ShutterBooth’s Sales and Event Teams quickly leapt into action. They collaborated with Lisa to identify her vision for the event, which included two critical goals: allow employees to have fun and capture memories with their colleagues (traditional ShutterBooth) and ask employees to record their personal BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for the next year (ShutterVideo).
The ShutterTeam offered numerous customizable options and captured all of the relevant data

to ensure event success (start/end times, office locations, floor plans, expected number of guests, social media requirements, etc.).

ShutterBooth appeared at six different BCN offices on six different days, including multiple booths at the Southfield corporate headquarters for their celebration. Employees had a blast taking pictures with co-workers, supervisors and upper level management. Prints included a custom logo featuring BCN branding and the “It Takes U” celebratory badge. BCN and ShutterBooth collaborated on custom prop boxes that allowed staff to pose with silly hats, glasses and jewelry adorned with BCN logos. Employees took advantage of unlimited reprints onsite and quickly began to decorate cubicles and common work areas with the strips.

At Lisa’s request, each ShutterBooth also featured ShutterVideo, which allowed staff to record their personal BHAGs for the next year. Following the event, ShutterBooth provided BCN management with an edited compilation of these short video messages, which BNC could then use for internal, employee motivation campaigns.“At ShutterBooth, we greatly value the contribution of all of our team members and it was a pleasure to help BCN celebrate their incredible staff,” says ShutterBooth owner Mike Robins. “We’ve been doing ShutterVideo for years, but had never seen a corporation take advantage of it in such a powerful way. We learn something new at every event!”