Long Distance Love

For this couple, just being on the same continent is a vast improvement in their relationship status. After meeting in Las Vegas over a shot of tequila, Kate & Liam fell madly in love….the only kicker: they lived a million miles away from each other. After hours of phone calls and plenty of plane tickets, the couple decided to make it official, and, like any true love story, the two overcame incredible obstacles, moved mountains to be together, and, in the end, their love prevailed!

What better place than the Horticulture Center for these two true romantics to wed? The venue was lit with hanging bulbs casting a warm glow on the artistically designed tables below. In true Steven Starr fashion, dinner consisted of  a delicious menu featuring the finest fresh and local ingredients. Along with a live band, the entertainment included a hysterical toast from Liam’s brothers that featured embarrassing photos of the groom as a child! Very creative, gentleman. Friends and family flew in from all over the world to witness this long awaited day, and we were thrilled to be a part of the joyful celebration.

The night didn’t end there: a fun and festive after-party was held at one of Philadelphia’s coolest dive bars- Bob & Barbara’s. This long-time Philly hotspot which happens to also be the newlyweds favorite bar- invented “The Special” -a can of PBR with a shot of Jim Beam for $3- which quickly spread to other area watering holes later becoming known as the “The Citywide Special”. This crowd pleasing combo has been featured in many publications including Philadelphia Magazine, Maxim, Details, The Washington Post, Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia Weekly, and, late into the night, guests clinked their glasses and threw back their shots in honor of the new Mr. & Mrs. Woozley. Congratulations!

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